Best Cable TV Alternatives to Save Money in 2022

Best Cable TV Alternatives to Save Money in 2022

Fri, Jan 8, 2021 6:20 PM

Can I get a free basic cable?

No, there isn't a free basic cable. For anywhere from $20 to $40 a month, you can get a simple cable bundle.


What is an affordable or cable TV alternative?


Both Pluto and Xumo have free 100+ live and on-demand channels. Sling TV provides you with 30-50 channels starting at $25 a month, and a lot of cheap add-ons.


What's the most affordable cable provider?


For the first 12 months, Suddenlink's Value TV + Internet 100 provides you with 200+ channels and Internet speeds of up to 100 Mbps for $54.99 a month. Digital Basic TV + 155 Mbps Internet from RCN provides 70+ channels and speeds of up to 50 Mbps for the first 12 months, starting at $29.99 a month. Depending on Where you live, prices and availability may not be available.


Suddenlink Internet Deals


What is the cheapest internet-and-cable TV package?


RCN has a cheap internet-and-cable TV package if you can get it in your region. In a double play deal starting at $29.99 a month, you can get your Digital Basic TV package with 61+ channels and high-speed internet (speeds differ with location) in a double play deal (for the first 12 months).


RCN TV Deals


How can I watch free on cable TV?


We're not aware of a legal way to watch free cable or satellite TV. But you can get 100+ channels for absolutely nothing from both Pluto and Xumo. However, it should be advised that these networks contain some of the same programmings, but not the same channels.


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You will also not get your local channels, but a moderately priced at around $36 inexpensive over-the-air (OTA) antenna will pick up any free channel for 50 miles.

Customers of Xfinity should try out Xfinity Flex, the combination of a streaming device and service by the provider. Flex integrates NBC's Peacock service, Pluto, Xumo, Tubi, and your paid services such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and HBO® with Xfinity's on-demand library with over 10,000 titles. And it's free for internet-only Xfinity customers.


xfinity tv deals


Sling UI


How can I cut my cable bill? 


Try the following to decrease your cable bill:

  • Xfinity internet-only customers: try out Xfinity Flex, the content-rich combination streaming device and service offered by the company.

  • Go for a cheaper set

  • -If you can live with ads, fully drop cable, and use only free, ad-supported services such as Pluto, Xumo, Tubi, and more.

  • Call the customer retention department of your provider to see if you can negotiate a discount, particularly if you have been a great customer.


Cheap or complimentary TV service is true. In order to make budget cuts, you do not have to give up TV completely.

Think bundling or going for a smaller channel schedule if you prefer conventional cable or satellite TV. Try OTA TV if you only need basic local channels. And give live streaming TV a shot if you're looking for more versatility than cable television can deliver.



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