How to Watch MLB Season in 2023

How to Watch MLB Season in 2023

Tue, Mar 1, 2022 9:58 PM

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Major League Baseball is set to return to the mound on March 31, 2022, with games broadcast on FOX, FS1, TBS, ESPN, and MLB Network. However, in order to catch your local team, you'll need connection to your regional sports network (RSN).

The best overall TV package for watching the 2022 MLB season is DIRECTV's CHOICE™ plan ($79.99 per month). It includes every major MLB channel as well as a wide range of RSNs, as well as the option to add MLB EXTRA INNINGS® for out-of-market game access. You'll be locked into a two-year contract with a price hike after the first year, but for serious hardball aficionados, this is the best option.

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Let's start by looking at the stations you'll need to watch MLB this season.

What channel is Major League Baseball on?

To watch nationally aired MLB games, you'll need five different channels. The MLB Postseason will be televised on the same stations.

MLB Network 
FS1how to watch MLB


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MLB Network Strike Zone is another MLB channel to keep an eye on. The companion channel is usually only available in higher-tier TV packages and only airs on Tuesday and Friday nights. Because there are multiple games broadcast at the same time on particular nights, the channel's goal is to focus on any important moment from across the league as it occurs in real time.

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MLB Network Strike Zone has the advantage of being unencumbered by regional broadcasting constraints. However, by integrating your regional sports network in your TV package, you can totally escape local blocks.

MLB broadcasts on local sports networks

When MLB games aren't broadcast on national television, they're broadcast on regional sports networks (RSNs). Every team has its own radio station that transmits to a designated MLB region.

You can use DIRECTV's local RSN lookup tool to determine which RSNs are accessible in your area and which teams are covered by those RSNs by entering your zip code. It's a useful tool that you can utilize even if you don't have DIRECTV.

If you live in your favorite team's territory, you'll need access to their RSN to watch the majority of their regular season games.

You'll need an out-of-market TV option like MLB EXTRA INNINGS (for cable and satellite customers) or MLB.TV if you live outside of your favorite team's territory (for streaming users).
The best ways to watch Major League Baseball games

OTA antenna ($20.00–$60.00 one-time purchase) is the cheapest option.
DIRECTV—CHOICE ($79.99/mo.)* with MLB EXTRA INNINGS ($21.66/mo. for six months)**
Sling TV—Orange & Blue w/ Sports Extra ($65.00/mo.) is the best deal.
MLB.TV—All Teams ($129.99/year) is the best MLB streaming app.


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