How Does My Wireless Router Affect My Internet Performance? 

How Does My Wireless Router Affect My Internet Performance? 

Fri, Dec 18, 2020 5:52 PM

Does my internet speed impact my router? 
Yes, your router influences your speed on the internet. It manages and processes all your home network data, so a good router makes the most of your internet speed, whereas it can be bogged down by a slow router. 

Your internet is only as fast as the slowest portion of your network, so it serves as a choke point for your entire home network if your router is not capable of handling your internet speed. And you need to replace your router ASAP if that's the case. Otherwise, you pay for more bandwidth on the internet than you're really having. 

For instance, if you have recently upgraded your internet plan to a speed of 400 Mbps but are using a wireless N300 router, you are losing 100 Mbps of bandwidth just because your router can't handle speeds that quickly.

How can I know if my Internet connection is being slowed down by my router? 

By taking a few internet speed tests, you can usually tell if your router is slowing down your internet speeds. 
For the most reliable results, take the first one with your computer linked to your router, preferably with an Ethernet cable. Then unplug your router and take a second speed test with a wired modem link. Your router is possibly a choke point for your internet speed if your speeds are much higher from the modem than from your router.

If the results of the speed test are not significantly different from your router and modem, the problem could still be your router. Get your network up and running again and take a few more speed tests to connect to the internet on the computers you normally use. 

You can note that devices that are connected via Wi-Fi are slightly slower than usually wired connections. But if your Wi-Fi connections are much slower than wired speed, to see if your router is the problem, you need to troubleshoot your Wi-Fi network (it may just be where your router is placed).

Does my old router affect my internet? 

There could be much lower speed limits on older routers and network equipment than those made in the last few years. Old equipment will restrict the internet speeds you receive, depending on how fast your internet plan is. 

Technology and the way we use it are continually evolving and improving, with maximum Wi-Fi speeds in just 10 years going from 300 Mbps in 2009 to 9.6 Gbps. 

One big explanation of why dated equipment does not work as well as newer equipment is Wi-Fi standards. If you think your router is causing poor Internet speeds, there are three major Wi-Fi requirements to be aware of.

Will my Internet speed up by a new router? 

Your internet can be accelerated by a new router, but even the best wireless router can't make your network faster than the maximum internet speed sent to your home by your provider. So, if you have a 100 Mbps internet contract, you can't even make your internet speeds go above 100 Mbps with the most fanciful router on the market. 

But if you're using old equipment that prevents your 100 Mbps speeds from being completely used, replacing that router is bound to help make your internet faster.

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