How To Get the Cheapest HBO Subscription?

How To Get  the Cheapest HBO Subscription?

Mon, Jan 3, 2022 11:28 PM

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Are you better off using Amazon Prime Video or HBO NOW to subscribe to HBO? We're breaking down all your options here for premium networks.

With over 200 streaming channels currently available in the U.S., when it comes to finding something to watch, Americans have never had more options.

But lately, even those choices have options of their own. Streaming apps such as Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu all allow you to subscribe through them to different channels instead of subscribing to them on their own.

A major part of the appeal is simplicity. Rather than having multiple charges every month, these services let you combine them all into one. You can also watch all of those channels in one app, so you won't have to hop around on your TV while you're trying to find something to watch. For each subscription channel, here's how many premium networks pay monthly:

 hbo channel

Since the price is about the same anywhere for the channels you like, we suggest subscribing to a service or computer you already use. If you have an Amazon Fire TV Stick, for instance, if you subscribe to HBO Max via Prime Video Channels, your experience would be a little smoother.

AT&T TV NOW: The Most Affordable way to get HBO

There's only one subscription service that provides some sort of discount if you're looking to sign up for HBO. The MAX package for AT&T TV NOW costs $80/mo. And HBO Max and Cinemax are included. Whether or not that constitutes a decent deal depends on how you feel about the rest of the range of channels from AT&T TV NOW.

We considered it to be one of the weaker live TV streaming services in our review of AT&T TV NOW, but if adding HBO is a requirement, it may be worth signing up for that value alone.

Almost every cable and satellite bundle also allows you to add HBO, but you usually won't save much. HBO is going to set you $18/mo back. $15/mo via DIRECTV. $15/mo via Xfinity. Spectrum, and $15/mo. Via Fios Verizon. That said, if you bundle with other premium channels, such as SHOWTIME and STARZ, most TV providers offer discounts.

Sling TV: The most affordable way to get SHOWTIME and EPIX

The only service providing discounts on SHOWTIME and EPIX is Sling TV, and you can only save $1/mo. On any one of them. Even, you can create a fairly affordable lineup with premium channels with packages starting at just $30/mo. We thought a lot of important channels like ABC and CBS were lacking in our review of Sling TV, but it's still one of the few live TV streaming services that will actually save you money.

Bundling through Roku Channel will save you money

You may be able to find a good deal through the Roku Channel if you're interested in signing up for more than one premium channel. Only via a Roku streaming system will you be able to access them, but both of these packages will save you a few dollars every month.

Featured Plan

Cox Provider

Bundles starting from $49.99/mo.

Cox is the third-largest cable provider in the nation. The company offers download speed up to 300 Mbps, the business offers Contour TV with over 220 channels and discount for low-income families.

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