Benefits of Cable TV You Must Consider Before Cutting the Cord

Benefits of Cable TV You Must Consider Before Cutting the Cord

Mon, Mar 29, 2021 10:18 PM

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Each person earns a different amount of money. For certain households, the average cost of cable is too high, and switching to streaming services is the best choice.

However, this does not extend to everyone. Why would you want to get rid of your cable if you're content with it and it's not draining your bank account?


Don't Put Your Confidence on the Internet

We’ve all dealt with slow internet. It often happens when you least expect it, like when you're trying to finish a school assignment or prepare for a video interview. Often the internet is slow for no obvious reason, but other times it is slow because there are so many people using it. Someone could be watching YouTube in one room, playing video games with friends in another, and conducting detailed research for a project in yet another.

In any case, when there are so many devices connected, the internet doesn't want to work as hard.

You won't have to think about being in the middle of your favorite show as it buffers because the cable is separate from the internet. There will be no interference while someone is watching TV, regardless of how many people are present, as long as each television has a cable box.


Bundle Pricing

Prices for cable services aren't set in stone. Since they're dealing with such a large influx of cord-cutters, it'll be easier to work out a price with them that you'll be satisfied with.

Cable and internet providers often package their services in bundles. You can pay less for specific services if you use multiple services from them, such as phone lines, internet, and cable. If you opt for premium services like 5G broadband, foreign phone plans, and so on, these rates will be even lower.



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Best Collection of Channels

Sure, with a simple subscription to some streaming services like Hulu, you can watch ABC news whenever you want, but is that all you want? Even the most expensive Sling TV package only includes 53 channels. AT&T's basic plans include 65 channels, which is still more than any streaming service. DISH Network has over 190 channels, but you'll need a satellite dish to watch them.

Many cable providers will even let you select and choose which channels you want to watch, which will save you money.

Live Sports: Some cord cutters try to convince sports viewers to turn to the streaming service ESPN+ instead of watching live sports on cable television. ESPN+ will provide you with a lot of access to sporting events, but it isn't what it appears to be. Monday Night Football and weekly NBA games are two examples of material that ESPN+ does not have.

Since the bulk of ESPN+ content is made up of sports that were not famous enough to make it into any of the live networks, it isn't a viable outlet for die-hard sports fans who want to watch important games live.


Reasons to Keep Your Cable TV Service


On-Demand Services Have Improved

Cable providers have been working hard to keep up with the rapidly growing streaming market, and they've done a fantastic job so far.

DirecTV has its own app, which allows you to rent movies, watch on-demand shows, and access your DVR recordings. It offers you the same versatility as a streaming service while also providing the advantages of cable television.


The Cost of Streaming Services

You make the decision to cut the cord and subscribe to a common streaming service such as Netflix. For two individuals, you pay $12.99 a month. Then you see that Hulu is launching a new show that looks interesting, so you subscribe to Hulu for $11.99 in addition to your Netflix subscription. And you plan to rewatch the entire Star Wars saga, so you pay $6.99 a month for Disney+.

The reality is that no single streaming service will provide you with anything you want.

You'll still want to watch something else that's only available on a different streaming service, which means you'll have to pay for multiple subscriptions.

The monthly payments are small on their own, but if you add them all up, you might end up paying more than you do for cable TV.



Don't go cutting the cord just yet

There's no need to get rid of your cable TV service if you love it and don't feel like it's a significant portion of your monthly income. If you want to replace your cable TV with streaming services, some providers, such as AT&T, offer eligible plans that include HBO Max and other programs for free.

Furthermore, if you love live television, cable is one of the few choices that provide anything from sports to award shows to news coverage.



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