The Difference Between Fiber and Cable Internet

The Difference Between Fiber and Cable Internet

Tue, Oct 31, 2023 2:06 PM


The technological distinction between internet fiber and cable is the kind of cable used to provide an internet connection to homes. Learn how these cables vary and why, when it comes to performance, reliability, availability, and cost, it matters.


The Difference Between Fiber and Cable Internet



The fiber internet, also known as fiber optics, is a type of broadband link that uses fiber optic cables to transmit data thru light signals. Compared to cable internet, fiber optics is a newer form of technology, which is one of the reasons it is not as commonly accessible.

However, it is probably your best choice if fiber is available to you, as fiber optics is considered to be a quicker and more secure type of internet compared to cable, DSL, or satellite internet. The fiber internet's key selling point is that speeds can reach up to 2,000 Mbps and environmental conditions are less prone to fiber-optic cables than conventional cables.


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The Internet cable is a form of broadband link that transmits data thru radio frequency signals using copper coaxial cable lines. Cable internet uses the same coaxial cable line used by cable TV, which is why internet and TV package packages are provided by most cable internet providers.

Cable internet is a form of internet service that is widely accessible. It is much more usable as the cables are much easier to install than fiber internet. It is still a superior choice compared to DSL or satellite internet, while cable internet appears not to offer as fast internet as fiber.


Quick Comparison:


Which one is better?


Overall, internet fiber appears to be a better deal than internet cable. While cable provides the cheapest internet plans, for only a few dollars more per month, fiber optics offers substantially faster upload and download speeds. As such, that is most likely your best choice for those who have the option of choosing a fiber-optic provider.


Speed Comparison

While both internet fiber and cable can provide the speed you need for streaming, homework, gaming, and more, fiber internet will achieve higher maximum speeds (2,000 Mbps) and appear to provide a lower cost per Mbps than cable.
Upload: If it comes to upload speeds, the obvious winner is fiber internet. There are near-symmetrical upload and download rates for all fiber internet providers. Cable Internet providers, on the other hand, can have much slower upload rates than their download speeds (the speed that is advertised).



According to the FCC, fiber optics are not as commonly accessible as cable internet at present. However, fiber optic internet providers are working as hard as they can to continue to expand their coverage around the country.


Fiber Internet FAQs


Is fiber faster?

Indeed, up to 2,000 Mbps can be reached via fiber optic internet, while cable internet can only hit 1,000 Mbps. Internet cables have much slower upload speeds than fiber optics.


What's the main difference?

Speed and availability are the main variations between fiber and cable internet. Although fiber internet provides quicker and more reliable speeds than cable internet, in considerably more areas of the U.S., cable internet is more accessible than fiber internet.


Can I still have fast internet without fiber?

Indeed, Yes. Fiber is not the only internet type that provides high-speed internet. For example, up to 1,000 Mbps can be reached by cable internet, that's more than enough speed for most homes.


What's the availability of Fiber?

The availability of fiber internet is across the country ( check att fiber availability ). However, the process of building fiber optic cables is extremely long. For this reason, before fiber internet is as readily accessible as cable internet, it will probably be a while.

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