5 Reasons Why Viasat Internet Plans Are Perfect for Rural Living

5 Reasons Why Viasat Internet Plans Are Perfect for Rural Living

Mon, Feb 5, 2024 11:04 PM

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Living in a rural area often means limited internet options. While major cable and fiber optic providers flock to big cities, rural residents are left with sluggish DSL, unreliable satellite, or no wired internet at all. This can make it difficult to work remotely, stream movies, or even load a simple web page. 

Viasat aims to change that by providing fast, reliable satellite internet across the U.S. With advanced satellite technology, Viasat offers rural internet plans that can keep you connected no matter where you live. Whether you need to download work files, video chat with friends, or binge your favorite shows, Viasat has a plan to fit your lifestyle.


High-Speed Connection 

Even in the most rural and remote locations, Viasat's advanced satellite technology delivers high-speed internet. Viasat operates a network of satellites in geosynchronous orbit, providing wide coverage across the United States. This allows Viasat to offer fast broadband speeds in areas not reached by cable or fiber optics.

Viasat's basic internet plan provides download speeds of 12 Mbps, while their fastest premium plan offers download speeds up to 100 Mbps. This is significantly faster than old satellite internet or DSL connections. The high-speed performance enables smooth video streaming, quick downloads, and responsive web browsing. 

With Viasat, you can enjoy fast speeds for streaming HD movies, video conferencing, online gaming, and more. The high bandwidth supports multiple connected devices, so the whole family can surf the web, stream, and video chat simultaneously. Even large files like photos and videos can upload and download quickly.


Broad Coverage Wherever You Are

One of the biggest benefits of Viasat internet is the broad coverage offered by their satellite network. Viasat has multiple high-capacity satellites in orbit that cover the entire United States, even in rural areas where cable or fiber optic internet isn't available. This makes Viasat an appealing option for people living in remote locations that have historically had limited choices for high-speed internet access.

Viasat currently provides internet service to over 1.3 million customers across the U.S. Their satellite network allows them to offer reliable high-speed internet with coast-to-coast coverage. So no matter if you live far outside a major city or in a small rural town, you can get fast internet access from Viasat. The broad coverage is ideal for people who love the quiet countryside but still want to be connected.


Reliable Service

Viasat offers highly reliable internet service for rural areas thanks to advanced satellite technology and infrastructure. Unlike traditional broadband that relies on cables, Viasat connects customers through an advanced high-capacity satellite network in space. This means the service works rain or shine, and is not vulnerable to storms, trees, or other obstacles that can disrupt cable-based internet. 

Viasat proudly advertises 99.9% network uptime for their residential satellite internet. This means the network connection remains available 99.9% of the time, with only brief and infrequent interruptions in service. Rural customers can have peace of mind knowing their Viasat service will be there when they need it. Whether you need to work remotely, stream entertainment, or surf the web, Viasat delivers reliable high-speed internet to keep you connected.


Affordable Pricing for Rural Areas

Living in a rural area often means having limited or expensive internet options. Traditional broadband networks like cable and fiber rarely reach remote locations. This leaves technologies like DSL, fixed wireless, and satellite internet as the only choices. But these can come with high prices, data caps, and slow speeds. 

Viasat internet breaks this mold by offering reliable high-speed internet at affordable rates for rural residents. Their pricing starts at just $49.99 per month for up to 12 Mbps speeds. Viasat doesn't require annual contracts either. You can cancel anytime without early termination fees.

Compared to sluggish DSL or capped wireless internet, Viasat provides faster speeds and more data. Their basic 12 Mbps plan includes 100 GB of data. A typical DSL connection may only deliver speeds up to 10 Mbps and 50 GB of usage.  

Viasat's pricing also compares favorably to other satellite internet providers. Plans are $10-20 less per month than leading options like HughesNet. You get faster speeds and no hard data caps. HughesNet plans start at $59.99 per month and throttle speeds after hitting 40 GB of usage.

For rural households on a budget, Viasat presents an affordable path to fast and reliable internet. Their contract-free plans provide the best value for rural living.


Enhanced Plans

Viasat offers several enhanced internet plan options to meet your connectivity needs in rural areas. This includes plans with extra features like video streaming optimization, as well as options for data caps and unlimited data.

The Unlimited Bronze 12 plan provides fast speeds up to 12 Mbps along with unlimited data so you don't have to worry about overage charges. This plan also includes Stream Saver which optimizes video streaming from sites like Netflix and Hulu to help limit data usage.

For even faster speeds up to 25 Mbps, the Unlimited Silver 25 plan is another great option with unlimited data and Stream Saver. The Unlimited Gold 30 plan boosts speeds up to 30 Mbps. 

If you don't need unlimited data, Viasat offers set data allowance plans from 30GB up to 150GB per month. Overage charges apply if you exceed your monthly data allowance. These capped plans also come with the video streaming optimization feature.

The flexibility of Viasat's enhanced internet plans provides rural households with options to get a plan tailored to their data usage needs. From unlimited data for uninterrupted streaming to capped plans with increased allowances, Viasat can provide quality internet even in remote areas.


Drawbacks to Consider

Viasat's satellite internet does come with some limitations to be aware of. The most notable drawbacks are:

 Higher latency - Satellite signals have further to travel than cable, so latency is often 600-700ms. This can cause lag for real-time activities like video calls and gaming. Using a VPN can help mitigate latency.

Impacted by weather - Heavy rain or snow can temporarily interrupt the satellite signal. Service is usually restored quickly when weather passes. Opting for premium plans with more data overhead can help weather disruptions. 

Data caps - All Viasat plans have monthly data allowances with overage charges. The caps range from 40GB on the lowest tier up to 150GB for premium plans. Monitoring data usage and limiting bandwidth-heavy activities can prevent overages. Unlimited data is offered from 2am-8am.

While satellite internet isn't flawless, Viasat continuously improves service with upgraded satellite technology and bandwidth management. The next-gen ViaSat-3 satellites aim to provide faster speeds with less latency. Satellite internet makes solid internet access possible for rural households outside of cable and fiber footprints.


Viasat Plans and Availability

Viasat offers several internet plan options for rural residents to choose from. Here's an overview of the top Viasat plan tiers:

Bronze - Up to 12 Mbps speeds, starting at $50/month with a two-year contract. Viasat's most affordable option.

Silver - Up to 25 Mbps speeds, starting at $70/month with a two-year contract. A nice step up in speed. 

Gold - Up to 50 Mbps speeds, starting at $100/month with a two-year contract. One of Viasat's fastest residential plans.

Platinum - Up to 100 Mbps speeds, starting at $150/month with a two-year contract. Viasat's fastest residential plan available.

Viasat also offers various data allowances per month, ranging from 10GB on the Bronze plan up to 150GB on the Platinum plan. Going over your data allowance can result in slower speeds.

The good news is Viasat service is available to over 98% of the US population, even in rural areas. To check availability for your specific address, simply enter your zip code on the Viasat website. Putting in your address will confirm if Viasat can provide service to your location.

The website also allows you to compare the different internet plans available for your area. You can view speeds, data amounts, contract length, and pricing. This makes it easy to select the best Viasat internet plan for your rural home.


Signing Up is Easy

Signing up for Viasat internet service is a quick and straightforward process. 

- The first step is choosing one of Viasat's affordable service plans to best meet your household's internet needs. You can easily compare plans and pricing online or over the phone.

- Then Viasat will ship you your modem and antenna equipment free of charge. A professional technician will come to your home and install everything for you. The installation process is fast and convenient.

- Viasat offers a referral program where you can receive a reward for each friend you refer who signs up for service. It's a great way to get discounts on your monthly bill. Just provide your referral code to friends and family interested in switching to Viasat.

With Viasat handling the equipment, installation, and setup, getting high-speed satellite internet running smoothly at your rural home is a breeze. Their streamlined sign-up process allows you to get online quickly.



Viasat internet plans are a great option for those living in rural areas looking for a fast, reliable internet connection. With high-speed satellite technology, Viasat can provide broadband speeds across the country, even in remote locations. Their different plan options ensure there's an affordable price point for any budget.

Key benefits of Viasat for rural living include:

- Fast broadband speeds, even in remote areas 

- Large coverage map across the entire US

- Reliable service powered by advanced satellite technology

- Multiple plans to choose from at different price points

- Enhanced services like Viasat Voice phone plans

With speeds up to 100Mbps, unlimited data options, and coverage across the nation, Viasat makes it possible to have high-speed internet no matter where you live. Experience the internet like never before. Visit the Viasat website today to check availability at your address and order service. Finally get the connection you need for work, streaming, gaming and more delivered right to your rural home.

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