Top Movies To Get You Ready For Christmas

Top Movies To Get You Ready For Christmas

Tue, Nov 29, 2022 12:05 AM

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We compiled a list of movies to get you ready for Christmas. Christmas might leave you feeling a little frazzled and getting grilled about your life choices over cups of eggnog by family members, crowded shopping, finding the proper gifts, chomping down office potluck casseroles with a smile on your face, and getting grilled over cups of eggnog by family members.

You could watch a hilarious movie, for example. Pop some popcorn, relax, and chuckle at the odd things that may happen during the most beautiful time of the year.

To make things easier for you, we've compiled a list of Christmas comedies that are sure to make you laugh.

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1.) Gremlins | HBO Max | Horror/Comedy

It's all good intentions when a down-on-his-luck inventor buys an adorable furry creature called a mogwai from an antique shop in China during the Christmas season. He returns home with it and presents it to his son Billy (Zach Galligan). It's known as Gizmo by Billy, and it's so adorable that a plush toy version is still available today. He takes good care of his new friend, including not exposing it to light, feeding it after midnight, or allowing it to get wet.

While Billy does not breach any rules, his clumsy pal Pete drops water on the cute fuzzball. Isn't it true that water causes things to grow? It creates five additional mogwai from Gizmo's back in this case, and let's say they aren't nearly as sweet. As Billy and his bae Kate (Phoebe Cates) try to rein them in, this new reptile race of mogwais starts hatching quickly and wreaking havoc on the town.


2.) A Christmas Story (comedy) | HBO Max

This film is so closely associated with the holiday season that watching it at any other time of year would feel like committing a Christmas crime. In this holiday classic set in the 1940s, Peter Billingsley plays young Ralphie.

He's wholly preoccupied with finding a Red Ryder BB rifle under the tree. It's a crazy and wacky adventure with memorable incidents, such as a child's tongue becoming stuck to an icy pole after tasting a dare. It also reminds us that not all department store Santas are in the holiday spirit.


3.) The Family Stone (Tubi) | Comedy, Romance

The five Stone siblings, played by Luke Wilson and Rachel McAdams, reunite at their childhood home for Christmas (Diane Keaton and Craig T. Nelson). Everett, the oldest brother, brings his girlfriend Meredith (Sarah Jessica Parker), much more rigid and haughty than the rest of the east coast family.

The film contains some melancholy due to the Stones' matriarch's illness, but it leverages the family's close friendship to keep spirits up. A lot of the comedy comes from seeing everyone try to be pleasant to Meredith for as long as they can while she makes one outrageous comment after another. When she calls her sister Julie (Clare Danes) to come to cut the tension, things get even more twisted—especially because the Stone family likes her more than Meredith straight away.


4.) Elf | HBO Max | Comedy

Let's face it: we're so used to Will Ferrell doing funny things that were just looking at him makes us chuckle, even when he's not doing anything. It's tough not to giggle when he's dressed brightly and wearing shoes with upward curling toes for the top part of Buddy. Buddy was adopted by Santa's elves and reared by them. He travels to New York City to meet his biological father, Walter, after learning that he wasn't born into the Christmas-centered kingdom (James Caan).

Elf, written by the equally entertaining Jon Favreau, places friends in the heart of New York City at a particularly stressful time of year. Meaning? New Yorkers are busy, cynical, and unprepared for a wacky, cheerful Elf, especially Buddy's newfound pop. Is goodness able to triumph? What do you think of this festive film?


5.) Netflix's Just Friends | Comedy, Romance

After graduating from high school in New Jersey and relocating to Los Angeles, Ryan Reynolds plays Chris Brander, who goes from high school geek to record executive chic. When his holiday aircraft to Europe is forced to make an emergency landing in Jersey, he runs into his high-school best friend Jamie Palomino, who has kept him in the "friend zone" despite his intense desire for her.

Now that he's got new abs and a fantastic new job, he's still bumbling and fumbling around attempting to win Jamie over. Samantha James, a superstar with whom he was traveling overseas for work, is also with him. If you have any doubts about Anna Farris' comedy abilities, this is the film to see. She's hilarious because she completely inhabits the character's pompous and naive nature.

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