Guide : How to Pay Your Spectrum Bill Online

Guide : How to Pay Your Spectrum Bill Online

Mon, Jan 11, 2021 9:29 PM

Charter Spectrum is the leading Cable, Internet, and voice service for Charter. Without extra costs, it provides more than 200 HD channels, lightning-fast Internet, and unlimited calls. Spectrum, except for Houston, is available everywhere in all charter markets. Learn more about "Spectrum my Bill" on this post 


How to Pay Your Spectrum Bill?


Pay on


  1. Log in with a master or administrator account.

  2. Find the invoice section. Select “Make a payment” or “Pay my bill”.

  3. Enter your payment details. Payment methods include:

  4. Current or savings account

  5. Debit card

  6. Credit card

  7. Follow the instructions and complete your payment.


You can choose between making a one-time payment or making a monthly payment (automatic payment).


Note: For reference, you can view your invoice statement online.


Pay Spectrum Bill via My spectrum app


On your mobile device, you can also pay your bill using the My Spectrum app.

  1. Log in to the My Spectrum app with your Spectrum -username and password. If you don’t have one yet, learn how to create a username.

  2. Choose the Billing tab.

  3. Tap the Make a Payment button.

  4. Here you can adjust the payment amount, the payment date, and the payment method. Tap the field you want to customize.

  5. Once you’ve made sure that all payment information is correct, tap Make a payment. You will receive a confirmation message.


Can I pay via phone for my spectrum bill?


Yeah, your Spectrum bill can also be charged by phone. Only call spectrum at their phone number for bill pay. You can pay your bill by phone with an automated spectrum service. Spectrum uses your current or savings account to accept payments.


How can I lower my spectrum bill?

It never seems that cable bills are getting cheaper. Instead, without notice or a specific reason, they could miss $5, $10, or $20.

It can really hurt these minor increases. You will decide your budget and your cable bill on your own, though. Here are some ways to lower your bill now for Spectrum.


  • Reduce the premium channel: It's hard to let HBO go, but with certain providers, it can cut your monthly bill by up to $20. You could save another $5 to $15 a month by letting Showtime go. Remove the channel when the season ends if you can't live without it (eg: Game of Thrones)

  •  Negotiating for a smaller tariff: Don't think about having to bargain with your cable provider. By addressing customer care and requesting a discount, you can be able to negotiate a better price.

  • Cable and Internet Bundle: In two years, pairing your spectrum cable and internet service with certain vendors will save you over $1,000.


If you only need local area networks or a lightning-fast Internet connection that you only use to stream Netflix, don't be overwhelmed with needless bundling packages, such as a premium cable bundle. These deals are also perfect for certain people, but that does not make them great for you.


What happens if your spectrum bill is not paid?


If the overdue amount of your Spectrum bill is not paid, you will be charged an extra fee in addition to your overdue balance, which correlates to the new charter rate. To stop late charges, you can immediately pay your monthly bill. Late fees do not count as fines or interest.


How do I set up Spectrum Bill autopay?


Automatic payment setup  

You can set up recurring monthly payments for your Spectrum Business account with AutoPay.


To sign up for AutoPay:


  1. Log in to your account.

  2. Select the Billing tab to view your billing options.

  3. Select Enroll in AutoPay.

  4. Choose a payment method (credit or debit card, check, or savings).

  5. Enter your payment information and follow the instructions to complete the registration.


Note: The automatic payment takes effect within 1-2 billing cycles (or 30-45 days). To avoid late fees, we recommend one-time payments until the automatic payment appears on your bank statement.


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How does Auto Pay Work for Spectrum?


What is an automatic payment?

The best way to pay your bill every month is by Spectrum AutoPay. Without the hassle of purchasing stamps or writing checks, the service is free and lets you ensure that your bill is paid on time. A one-time payment may also be made. If required.


Important Spectrum auto bill pay information

You will continue to obtain your monthly statement when you sign up for AutoPay. You'll see an automatic billing date instead of the due date on your invoice, though. This is the date on which you process your automated payment.


The monthly payment date for the Spectrum bill

On or about the same date, your bill will be charged automatically every month. From the next billing period after registration, you can view your payment date for automatic payment on under "Account overview" or "Billing."


Your first bill payment from Spectrum

Your account will be set up automatically when you sign up for Auto Pay so that your current balance is paid out at the due date.


How to cancel my Spectrum Auto Pay?


Cancel automatic payment


  1. Log on as head of household or administrator.

  2. Choose the Billing tab.

  3. Select “Manage Automatic Payment”.

  4. Select Cancel registration.

  5. Select Cancel Auto Pay to confirm.


Change your Spectrum bill payment information for Auto Pay


  1. Log on as head of household or administrator.

  2. Choose the Billing tab.

  3. Select “Manage Automatic Payment”.

  4. Select “Edit automatic payment method”.

  5. Enter your new credit/debit card or check/savings account details and choose Save.


Deactivate AutoPay in the My Spectrum app


  1. Open the My Spectrum app and select the Billing tab.

  2. Select “Manage Automatic Payment”.

  3. Choose Cancel AutoPay.


To change your payment method or card/account information, cancel the Auto-Pay registration and then log in to Auto-Pay again using the payment method of your choice.

spectrum app


How do I find my Spectrum account number?

You will find your account number and the four-digit security code on your statement at:

  1. Online Spectrum Account

  2. My spectrum app

  3. Mail


Spectrum Bill Pay Online Step

  1. Log in.

  2. Choose the Billing tab.

  3. Choose View Statements.

  4. Choose an explanation to download. Your security code and account number are located above the Spectrum logo.

Your account number and your security code are located directly under the Spectrum logo at the top of your Spectrum instructions.


My spectrum app

  1. Open the My Spectrum app and log in.

  2. Choose Billing.

  3. Choose View Statements.

  4. Choose your last statement. Your security code and account number are on the top.


Spectrum billing Address

Billing address –

Arizona, California, Colorado,
Idaho, Nebraska, Texas.
PO Box 60074.
City of Industry CA – 91716.


How to compare spectrum charter plans?


When comparing Spectrum Internet deals, below are some general guidelines to remember:


  • Consider Services Bundled. The prices of package services are also just marginally more costly than one of the options on their own. If you choose bundled TV and Internet services, if you watch a lot of TVs, it will save you cash.

  • Double-check spectrum pricing. Although the pricing of Spectrum is generally clear and transparent, some of the prices listed are only applicable to the package TV deals of Spectrum.

  • Be aware of promotional prices. Charter usually provides a "promotional rate" to new customers that expire after the first year of operation. Then neither the price nor the price


How much is the base cable spectrum package?

Basic offers for cable TV come with local channels and a few favorites for cable TV and cost $25 to $40 a month.

Pay attention to your basic cable package-related fees. For their (otherwise more expensive) announced plans, providers may waive these fees but can keep them on simple plans.







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