How Much Data Does Zoom Use?

How Much Data Does Zoom Use?

Wed, Nov 30, 2022 10:28 PM

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People all across the world are now able to work from home because to the pandemic. This also includes participating electronically in meetings and conferences. Whether you like it or not, zoom has established itself as a necessity in our daily life. Zoom calls have recently become a need for people, who must now occasionally join.


Zoom calls make it simple to hold client meetings while working from home. However, zoom uses a significant amount of internet data. The only way to prevent speech disruptions or mid-freezes during meetings is to have a steady connection with enough data. You might not, however, be completely aware of how much data your zoom data requires. So, the following information will help you determine how much data is used during the frequent zoom calls you make.


Zoom's Data Consumption


Zoom data is used in a variety of processes. These activities include screen sharing without video calls, group video calling, video calling over video calling, participating in webinars, etc. For each activity you carry out on Zoom, you will need a different amount of internet. For each zoom call you make or receive, a complete breakdown of your internet usage is provided here.


One-on-one video call internet consumption

  • For high-quality video, the consumption rate is 600Kbps up/down

  • For 720p high-definition video calling, the consumption rate is 1.2Mbps

  • For doing 1080p high-definition video calls, the consumption rate is 1.8Mbps

  • For receiving 1080p high-definition video calls, the consumption rate is 1.8Mbps


Group Video call internet consumption.

For high-quality group video calling, the internet consumption is between 600Kbps to 1.0Mbps.

  • To view the gallery while receiving calls, the consumption varies. If it is a view of 25 people, then the internet consumption would be 2.0Mbps, and if the view is 49 people, then the internet consumption would be 4.0Mbps.

  • For group video calling with 1080p high-definition, the internet consumption is between 3.0Mbps to 3.8Mbps.

  • For group video calling with 720p high-definition, the internet consumption is between 1.8Mbps to 2.6Mbps.


For Screen Sharing internet consumption

  • If you share the screen with the video thumbnail, the internet consumption would be between 50Kbps and 250Kbps.

  • If you are only sharing audio, the internet consumption would be between 60Kbps to 80Kbps.


Internet Consumption for Webinars

The consumption for panelists along with the Video will consume:


  • 600Kbps for high-quality Video

  • For 720p high-definition Video, the consumption is between 1.2Mbps to 1.8Mbps.

  • For 1080p high-definition video, the consumption is between 2.0Mbps and to 3Mbps.


If you are doing or taking a zoom call from your phone, the consumption will be somewhat between 60Kbps to 100Kbps.


Understanding the Data Consumption

The average amount of data that zoom uses in an hour for a video call is 888 Mb. However, this can increase and decrease depending on the video call you make through zoom.

  • Group video calls will use substantially more data than one-on-one calls. The straightforward reasoning for this is that there are fewer persons on one-on-one calls, whereas the consumption inevitably rises as the call's participant count rises. The data consumption is higher when there are more participants because there is a greater need to download audio and video. To a certain extent, you are right if you believe that individual calls are the least expensive. Without video, it helps you save a lot of zoom data usage per hour. On a broader scale, though, you are not. You must keep the HD version turned off if you want to save data on one-on-one calls.

  • These calls use the most data when it comes to group video conversations. The data consumption of a zoom video call increases with the number of participants. The usage would be higher than 50% compared to single calls even if you used the lowest resolution for group video chats. There are, however, techniques to reduce the amount of internet that group calls use. This can be done mostly by shrinking the video's screen size or by adjusting the zoom level and activating speaker mode. Without video, you may significantly reduce your zoom data usage per hour.

  • Zoom has the lowest data usage when making audio and screen-sharing calls. If the participants on the other end of the zoom call keep the video mode on during the call, the usage of the sharing screen and audio call may increase. The best application approach for saving data on zoom calls is this one. The call quality will improve if you do this if the Wi-Fi connection is sluggish.


Ways to Save data on Zoom

Data consumption is generally high on Zoom. However, consumption can be controlled if you want to. Here are some tips that will tell you how to reduce zoom data usage on a PC:

  1. Although seeing each other is indeed important for meetings. However, if there is no specific need, turn off the Video. This is one of the easiest things you can do to save data.
  2. High-definition videos tend to consume more data. Go to your zoom settings and turn it off. You will see a great change in the data consumption unit.
  3. Although sharing the screen takes the minimum amount of data, consumption can go high if you forget to stop sharing the screen. Please do it for yourself and the other participants to save data.
  4. You do not speak all the time during the meeting, do you? Then, when you are not speaking, mute your audio. This will also help you with data savings.
  5. Use other online collaborative methods to share documents over a screen share option. This will help you to save data too.



Zoom calls are recently included in our daily life. Zoom is a necessity for professionals in the workforce. The zoom function uses a lot of data. As a result, you will need to consider how to save call data. I hope this article has allayed your concerns over the data usage of zoom calls and provided you with some suggestions on how to use the Zoom App on your PC with less data usage.

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