How to Maximize and Reduce Internet Usage?

How to Maximize and Reduce Internet Usage?

Mon, Feb 12, 2024 11:49 PM

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By simply addressing common activities that use a lot of data, most cord-cutters will easily put an end to their data overage fees. Here are a few easy tips for addressing the most common causes of improper use of data.

Best Tips and Tricks To Reduce Data Usage

Buy a Smart Plug


If you're in the habit of falling asleep with the TV on, buy a smart plug. You can set up one to automatically turn the power source to a smart TV or streaming device every night at the same time. Smart plugs are very cheap, and they are very simple to use.


Parental Controls


On any handheld devices and computers that your kids use, take advantage of parental controls. In particular, teenagers enjoy watching YouTube videos and attending their friend's watch parties, all of which fall beyond the scope of any content quality limitations that you have set up for your streaming subscriptions.

You will also be able to view the use of data on each of their devices through your router settings to find out whether your data overage fees are unintentionally triggered by them.


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Smart Settings


If your TV and streaming device both have Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) settings, use them to bring your streaming device into sleep mode automatically once the TV is switched off. Otherwise, before switching off the TV, get in the habit of returning to the home screen on your HDMI unit, or suggest replacing your streaming device with an integrated Roku, Fire TV, or Android TV smart TV.


cec settings


Movies by Mail


If you enjoy watching a lot of 4K movies, get a Blu-ray player and sign up for Redbox or Netflix by mail. The output on Blu-ray is higher than 4K streaming, and local Redbox kiosks typically have new releases available before they are available to download. If you really want to have a couple of movies on hand to watch, use Netflix by mail.


Using Antenna


When keeping the TV on for background noise, use an antenna. They don't need data, plus its free television!



Usually, following these best practices and tips is all that is needed to keep data use in check and avoid getting hit every month with data overage fees. Your internet use may be different from the average family though, so you may need to look a little deeper into other ways you use the internet to find out why you may be using so much data.



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