Triple Play In Telecommunications: What It Is And How It Works

Triple Play In Telecommunications: What It Is And How It Works

Sat, Feb 4, 2023 12:32 AM

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Does the problem quickly become that bundling television, phone, and internet into one bundle is too good for real comfort, or is it just too much for customers? Telecommunications is not a one-size-fits-all, and in fact, everybody wants their own personalized specifications.

If you don't have a family-sized household with gamer kids, parents who need the internet, and a reliable phone to tie it all together, then you may not be right for triple-play services. If you use the space for your business or your provider can end up saving you a lot of money with these packages, triple-play services can be the ideal option, even if you don't have a big household.

You might only be one person, though, and since you rely on your mobile phones, you wouldn't benefit from getting triple-play services. You do not even have the need for cable television. Instead of their home phones, many customers who belong to triple-play services find themselves flipping through cable channels or depending on their mobile phones and asking why they pay for anything that they barely ever watch or use. A triple-play plan wouldn't make sense here, but it works in an attempt to save money and emphasize comfort for others.


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Usually, fixed lines and television contracts are bought on a per-household basis. In these contracts, the advantage that makes triple-play services so appealing to customers is that all is conveniently connected to one bill. Today, customers don't have to think about paying each month for different businesses. You're not going to have to try to contact several companies responsible for the various aspects of your telecommunications.

This means much more time spent staying off the phone contacting many various customer service representatives for those who are not tuned to the operations of cable, internet, and telephone connections. With triple-play facilities, to get the problems solved, you call your single provider.


Is Triple Play Services worth negotiating?


Triple-play services make it sound like all of the leverage is open to the providers. According to Consumer Reports, that is not accurate. More and more customers have reported bargaining with their service providers to better comply with what packages they already have - to be precise, four out of 10 respondents. Among them, as many as 46% indicated that their provider had reduced their rates by about $50 a month. In addition, 31 percent of customers who entered into negotiations were accepted into a new promotional rate, 29 percent received premium channels, and after their previous contract expired, 43 percent were willing to haggle with their service providers for a fresh discount.

You should always try to negotiate with your service provider to see how you can make the product bundle work for you, even if the triple-play service package doesn't suit your current lifestyle or needs. It's well worth the effort, according to the statistics. In the end, under a single provider, you will be able to enjoy a great all-in-one TV, internet, and phone package.


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The Move Towards Quad Play Services


The natural development of triple-play services is that providers are moving to include another choice in their packages, and what makes more sense than cell phones? The response to this is called quadruple-play services - or quad-play - in the telecommunications industry. In this sense, companies are expanding their coverage to internet, cable, pay-TV, and mobile services.

With the advent of things such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, these days, the switch to pick, mix and match your shows, channels, and live television providers is becoming increasingly popular. This may be a sign of change for quad-play and triple-play services - as customers focus on choosing the packages that better fit their own individual lifestyles, providers are no longer in charge. Both triple-play and quad-play services will have to keep up with the ever-changing telecommunications scape that caters more to the younger crowd of the scant, on-the-go.

Quad play is all right and fine, but you can't foresee the completion of the market. Providers have realized that certain individuals actually prefer to keep their mobile contracts separate, particularly the younger generation.

For the future of triple-play services, what does this mean? The future of cable, phone, and internet may move away from package bundles for young people, but one thing is for sure, cell phones and internet use are here to stay for good, no matter how they are served.


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