Signs Your Router Was Hacked and How to Fix It

Signs Your Router Was Hacked and How to Fix It

Wed, Mar 9, 2022 6:33 PM

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Hackers aren't just interested in computers, cloud servers, and email accounts; they also like routers. All hackers need is access to one device to gain complete control over your internet activities. Unfortunately, most people have no means of knowing if their wireless router has been hacked. Even if you eventually discover that your router has been hacked, it may be too late.

The wreckage that comes with being hacked is well-known to most internet users. You might not detect a hacker gaining access to your network until it's too late. They have access to your online banking credentials, social media passwords, email accounts, and other sensitive information that might wreck your life. So, how do you figure out whether your wireless router has been compromised?

Here are some of the most typical symptoms that your router has been hacked, as well as some strategies for escaping the danger.


What Are the Signs That Your Router Has Been Hacked?


Your router just has one job: to manage the connection between your internet-connected devices and your WiFi connection. Once a hacker has access to your router, he or she can engage in a variety of illegal actions. Identity theft is one of the most serious concerns. Here are some of the most common indicators that your router has been hacked:


  • You're getting ransomware and bogus antivirus warnings all of a sudden.

  • Some software is installed without your knowledge.

  • Suspicious behavior is reported to your internet service provider.

  • You can't get into your router with your username and password.

  • Your network has unidentified IP addresses.


Different hackers have different goals, and you may see any of the aforementioned indications depending on what they want. If the hacker is merely looking for a free WiFi connection, an unknown IP address on your network and slower network speeds may be the only signs. Every internet user should be aware of the basic techniques for avoiding router hacking.


How to Restore a Hacked Router


A hacker is a hacker, regardless of their intentions, and the best thing you can do is prohibit them from accessing your network. Most hackers have no observable actions at first but end up causing a great deal of damage to their victims. Here are some suggestions for repairing your compromised router.



Resetting your router can aid in the detection of infected devices as well as the prevention of active malware on your network. When the VPNFilter malware became a major danger in 2018, the FBI issued recommendations that included resetting the router as the first step. Press and hold the reset button until the router goes off to reboot it. You'll need to modify your network settings once it's up and running.


Firmware Updates

The latest routers update their firmware automatically, just like Windows updates. Older routers, on the other hand, don't have this feature, therefore you'll have to manually update the firmware. It's a good practice to check for new updates every 90 days to ensure that you're always up to date.


Turn Off Remote Admin

A router's "remote administration" capability allows users to access their computer and internet connection from another location. It's a nice feature if you travel frequently, but it might be a hassle if a hacker gains access. If you notice unfamiliar programs on your device that you didn't install or if your device doesn't respond to your actions, it's likely that someone else has access to your connection. Remote administration should be disabled since it can cause more difficulties than it solves.


Activate the Guest Network

A function called "Guest Network" is available on some routers. This feature is for visitors to your home; they can connect to the WiFi, but their device will be on a different network than yours. This device separation will protect both your network and your smart home gadgets from cyber-attacks.


How to Know if Your Router has Been Hacked?


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How to Keep Laptops and Computers Safe


No one is safe, according to the constant news of large-scale data breaches and hackers around the world. Hackers can easily injure individuals if they can harm large tech businesses. All you have to do now is take precautions now that you know how to tell whether your wireless router has been hacked. Here are some steps you may take to protect your gadgets from cyber-attacks.


  • When you're not using your WiFi, make sure it's turned off. Individuals will strive to acquire access to your connection if it is visible to fewer people.

  • Get a VPN service, which will add an extra layer of encryption to your online activities.

  • Install security software and maintain it up to date if you already have one.

  • It's never a bad idea to have extra security.

  • Antivirus and antimalware software can also assist you in safeguarding your computer. The majority of hackers hide behind legitimate-looking websites on the internet. Some antivirus programs include web surfing protection to keep you safe while you're on the internet. You should also be on the lookout for fraud and phishing efforts.


How to Keep Your Phone Safe


Smartphones are the most often used gadgets and store the most sensitive data. It can be terrible if a hacker gains access to your smartphone. Here are some tips for keeping your device safe:


  • Don't use public WiFi or networks you don't recognize. In most cases, a swarm of hackers lurks in the shadows of public networks.

  • Get a mobile VPN. Just as with computers and laptops, a mobile VPN can make your browsing experience safer.


Turn off the auto-fill feature. A hacker won't be able to use your crucial information to make unlawful transactions if your phone is stolen.

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