Is Satellite Internet Fast Enough for Steaming?

Is Satellite Internet Fast Enough for Steaming?

Wed, Feb 1, 2023 11:43 PM

TV satellite internet

Streaming TV doesn't require high-speed internet—watching Netflix or any Netflix Alternatives in normal definition only consumes 3 Mbps of bandwidth—therefore streaming TV using satellite internet is technically capable of doing so. However, streaming TV consumes a lot of data, and since your satellite internet provider is likely to have limited data restrictions, a few hours of streaming can cause your internet speeds to be throttled for the remainder of the month.

We recommend satellite TV services like DISH and DIRECTV if you reside in a remote region and want to watch TV because they don't utilize your internet data. However, if you're determined on watching streaming TV over satellite internet, keep reading. Your questions will be answered in a timely manner.


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Is satellite internet sufficient for video streaming?


Satellite internet services start at 12 Mbps, which is plenty of bandwidth for high-definition streaming.

And, while satellite internet has a significant latency that makes online gaming and video calls stutter, latency won't affect your streaming experience once your show begins. Unless you try skipping to another area of the video, you're unlikely to detect any issues.


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How can I lower the latency of my satellite internet connection?


Unfortunately, latency is built into the satellite internet architecture. There's nothing you can do to speed up the process because your internet data has to travel thousands of miles every time you click on a URL.

Starlink uses low-Earth orbit satellites, which are nearly a hundred times closer to Earth than Viasat and HughesNet's geosynchronous satellites, to try to reduce satellite internet latency. However, because Starlink's service is still in beta, you'll run into other dependability concerns if you move to it right now.


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Recommended Satellite for Streaming TV


Is streaming using satellite internet a bad idea?


Even though satellite internet doesn't have as much bandwidth as fiber internet and has a lot of latency issues, you can stream with it. However, streaming will quickly deplete your data cap, and your satellite internet connection will most likely slow down your website speeds as a result.

You can try to get around this problem by streaming for only a few hours per month, but that's not worth the expense of a streaming TV subscription.




Streaming consumes a lot of bandwidth, and a few sessions will quickly exhaust your data allowance. Then, for the rest of the month, your internet speeds will slow. It's a pain to slog through the internet at reduced speeds.

We prefer to stick with classic satellite tvs providers like DISH and DIRECTV to prevent these issues. Satellite TV is practically ubiquitous, so it's a terrific way to catch up on your favorite shows in remote locations without wasting valuable internet traffic.

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