Spectrum TV Packages, Plans and Deals 2024

Spectrum TV Packages, Plans and Deals [year]

Thu, Dec 14, 2023 7:49 PM

TV Spectrum

 Spectrum TV packages are both cost-effective and convenient, particularly when combined with Internet access. In reality, if you sign up for a Spectrum TV bundle instead of a live TV streaming service like YouTube TV, you can save more money and get a lot of popular cable channels.


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Spectrum TV Channels


You can choose from a basic Spectrum sports package also known as Spectrum TV® Select which includes channels  ESPN and FOX Sports 1 or a kids package with Spectrum TV® Silver and above that includes both Disney and Nickelodeon channel.

If you are unsure which package can provide you with the channels you require? To find out which Spectrum TV package is best for you and your family, compare unique Spectrum TV channel lineups. Alternatively, continue reading to find out more about Spectrum TV packages.


Spectrum TV Packages, Plans and Deals (June 2022)


Premium Channels


Yes, you can get premium channels when you sign for Spectrum  So rather than paying well over $40 a month for premium channel add-ons like SHOWTIME® and HBO®, upgrade your Spectrum TV bundle for as little as $20 a month and get them for free.

If you sign up for Spectrum TV® Silver ($74.99 a month; 175+ HD channels), you'll get HBO and SHOWTIME for free. You will also get HBO, SHOWTIME, STARZ, and EPIX for free if you sign up for Spectrum TV Gold ($94.99 a month; 220+ HD channels).



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Spectrum Sports Packages and Channels


Live sports are one of the most compelling reasons to subscribe to cable television. Must-have channels like ESPN and FOX Sports are included with every Spectrum sports kit. You can always upgrade your Spectrum TV package to get more sports channels like NFL Network and FOX Soccer Plus if you need them.


  • Spectrum TV Gold includes 35+ channels and Fox Soccer Plus

  • Spectrum TV® Silver includes 15+ channels plus NFL Network and CBS Network

  • Spectrum TV® Select includes 5+ channels plus FoxSports 1 and ESPN





  • FREE On-Demand plus Spectrum Originals

  • Watch anywhere on the Spectrum TV App

  • No contracts, no hassles – just great TV


125+ Channels From  $49.99mo for 12 mos





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