What Are The Bad Habits That Are Destroying Your Laptop And PC?

What Are The Bad Habits That Are Destroying Your Laptop And PC?

Wed, Oct 20, 2021 6:52 PM


Nothing lasts indefinitely. It's not even about technology. Laptops and PC, on the other hand, do a good job of surviving several years. Of course, this assumes that you're a conscientious and responsible owner who takes good care of your computer or laptop. If your laptops or PCs break down far more frequently than they should, the issue could be due to your terrible tech habits.

Apart from fundamental computer safety precautions, most people are unconcerned with how they use their computers or laptops. They only notice something is wrong when the equipment overheats, becomes noisy, or runs out of battery power. Is that something you've heard before? Any of the following bad tech habits could be affecting your computer or laptop:


Allowing Dust, Liquids, and Grime to Build Up


People frequently eat sandwiches in their cubicles or granola bars in bed while working on their computers. Crumbs frequently find their way into cracks and openings, such as your keyboard. Dust and grime accumulating under your keys are not only unpleasant, but they can also clog up your keyboard. That's not to mention what happens when your PC or laptop's intakes are constantly sucking in the dust.

Dust collects on your fans, causing them to slow down and overheat your computer. If you haven't given your computer a thorough cleaning in a while, you should do it right now. These pointers will assist you in safely cleaning your computer.


Bad Internet Browsing Habits


There is a wealth of information available on how to use the internet securely. Subscribers are encouraged to use strong alphanumeric passwords, avoid unsecured websites, and get content from legal sources by wireless internet providers, tech businesses, and employers. Cybercriminals may be found all over the internet, and they aren't just interested in stealing information from businesses. They're happy to prey on people like you and steal your personal information, identity, and even money.

They could even use your devices to snoop on you or launch cyberattacks against your contacts. Even the less dangerous attacks contain malware that can cause your computer to slow down or even erase crucial data. Safe internet habits, such as utilizing a VPN, are usually effective in preventing this.


Inadequate Airflow Causes Overheating


Heat is terrible for the internal components of a laptop or PC. When your processor overheats, it often reduces its own performance in an attempt to cool down. As the system works to manage temperature, this will slow down your computer's processes. Your fans will have to work harder to keep the vital components cool.

If your computer slows down frequently and the fans become noisy, it's possible that the computer is overheating. When the airflow into and out of the machine is restricted, something happens. Leaving your laptop on a luxurious blanket or placing it in a cramped cupboard, for example, both have an impact on your computer's capacity to control heat and work regularly.


Handling a PC or Laptop Carelessly


Because desktop computers aren't extremely portable, they usually avoid this issue. Laptop computers, on the other hand, are frequently subjected to abuse by negligent owners. People frequently abuse their laptops, flinging them on couches, opening the hinges too forcefully, or just failing to pick them up properly.

Even though a laptop appears to be incredibly tough, it is nevertheless a sophisticated piece of technology that can be destroyed by rigorous handling. If your laptop does not have an SSD drive, for example, it will most likely come with a traditional hard disk drive. Moving parts on this drive can be damaged by jolts or shocks. If this happens too often, the HDD may be damaged, and valuable data may be lost.


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What Are The Bad Habits That Are Destroying Your PC?


Bad Charging Practices


You're setting yourself up for problems if you regularly drain your laptop's battery completely before charging it. Laptops aren't meant to be used constantly, especially not on battery power. Excessive use of your laptop until the battery is totally depleted has a negative impact on battery health and longevity.

Your battery may eventually quit retaining a charge, reducing the portability of your device until you replace it. Batteries that have swelled due to overuse may potentially explode, posing a major health and safety concern as well as the possibility of electrical fires.


Surges and Power Outages


In today's urban America, it's difficult to imagine a power outage or surge, yet they do happen. During severe weather, such as blizzards or hurricanes, it is not uncommon for internet providers to experience disruptions. When the service is down, we've all placed desperate calls to customer service. However, power outages and surges affect more than just your internet and TV connection. A rapid surge or drop in electricity can damage your laptop when it is plugged into a power outlet.

Laptops and PCs are built to work with consistent power sources. That implies you should get a surge protector to prevent your machine from being damaged by electrical surges. A power strip isn't the solution because it only adds more outlets without providing surge protection. An outlet with a fuse will help protect your computer or laptop from power surges or drops.


Cables and ports that have been damaged


People may be negligent with their laptops or computers, but they are much more so with cables and ports. Cables are frequently subjected to high levels of stress, such as bending or stretching, which can harm the wires within. A faulty charging cable may cause your laptop's battery or other vital components to fail. Similarly, hard usage of your PC or laptop might damage the ports, requiring you to constantly reposition the cable in the correct port in order for it to work.

Using wireless connectivity is a wonderful workaround. Reduce the number of cables by using features like a wireless protected setup on your router or Bluetooth on your portable speakers. The fewer cables, the less likely they are to be broken and cause port damage.




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