What Channel is Fox on AT&T TV?

What Channel is Fox on AT&T TV?

Thu, Aug 31, 2023 1:40 PM

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The American TV industry was ruled by three big companies. These three big companies have dominated the field of TV broadcasting for more than two decades. Other rivals who have gathered the courage to deal with the Big Three, either has chickened out or have struggled badly. But, one worthy competitor was there, who soon gave the 'Big Three' something to look out for. When the 'Fourth' candidate joined the spotlight, heads turned and rumors surfaced. The fourth candidate did exceptionally well, to everyone's amazement, and we all recognize it as the Fox Network.


In 1986, in an attempt to compete directly against the Big Three Networks, ABC, CBS, and NBC, Fox Media Company introduced Fox. The highest-rated, over-the-air network in the US soon became Fox. Both major TV service providers in the U.S., including AT&T TV, carry a decent number of Fox Broadcasting Company channels, over the air, and pay-tv. To say the least, if you have always preferred to power your entertainment routines with the perfect combination of TV and technology, AT&T TV could just make you feel extremely happy!



You decided to redefine the televised experience. AT&T listened to you! AT&T provides an IPTV service with equipment based on Android TV that will change the way you watch TV. AT&T TV fits with the AT&T Internet much better. And, it puts together Live TV, an extensive On Demand library of up to 75,000 options and connections to HBO MaxTM, Pandora, Netflix streaming apps; you name it! AT&T TV also turns your TV into a life-size smartphone that allows you to navigate Google Play's more than 5000 games. You will enjoy anything you've ever wanted on AT&T TV, from sports to entertainment, music and so much more.

With Google Assistant, AT&T TV also provides a Voice Remote. Look for something you're in the mood to watch, say it out loud, and your TV is going to take you there. With Google Assistant, AT&T Voice Remote helps you to search for content through downloaded applications, the On Demand library, and the DVR library. It also regulates the volume of your TV and lets you conduct Google searches using your voice alone.


Fox on AT&T TV

The fourth network, which quickly became the first option! Apart from several other features, AT&T TV is what it is. There's still a wealth of TV channels, too. You'll find everything here, from A&E to different local and famous networks, including Fox. By broadcasting a primetime comedy, Married... with Children and The Tracey Ullman Show, Fox began his journey as America's next big network. The Fox Network also broadcasts numerous drama and comedy formats, including 21 Jump Street and Duet.

The comedy series In Living Color was the show that Fox bagged a lot of acclaim worldwide. The show included many of today's superstars, including Damon Wayans, Jim Carrey, Jennifer Lopez, Keenen Ivory, and Jamie Foxx. It's not stopping here. Also under Fox Network's belt is the popular sci-fi drama The X-Files.

Fox Network currently follows a 19-hour programming schedule every week. Fox has also covered this with its sister networks, including Fox News, Fox Sports 1 & 2, Fox Business, and more on AT&T TV if you are not too big on entertainment content.



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Fox on AT&T TV


Fox Channel No. On AT&T TV

The local AT&T TV lineup includes the Fox over-the-air network. All 5 AT&T TV channel lineups include local channels. But, the availability of them varies with the area in which you are. To find out about the local Fox channels that are available in your area. 

AT&T TV is also available on other Fox Broadcasting Corporation networks. The availability of Fox sister channels can differ from one package to another. But these networks are more or less independent of the geographical area in which you are based.

All these Fox pay-tv channels are on the AT&T TV channel lineup: Fox Business Network, Fox News, Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports 2, Fox Sports Southeast, and Fox Sports Sun. Take a look at their usability in terms of packages. And, remember the channel number that you need to tune in to watch them, too.












Fox Business News


Fox News








Fox Sports SE



Fox Sports Sun










AT&T TV is the future that your TV has been waiting for all this time to dive into. With four packages that promise you to match your budget and features that are bound to lift to an unparalleled level your television experience. Surely, AT&T TV is a catch that you would not want to miss. For its Hispanic fans, AT&T TV also includes a bonus package so they can watch their favorite shows in their native language.

AT&T TV Packages are carefully designed so that everyone, from budget watchers to those who choose entertainment over everything, is thoughtfully crafted.








 65 Live & popular channels

 90 Live & popular channels

120 Live & popular channels

130 Live & popular channels

 140 Live & popular channels

40,000 on-demand titles

45,000 on-demand titles

50,000 on-demand titles

55,000 on-demand titles

65,000 on-demand titles



It's about time you merged AT&T's high-speed internet with your TV and converted your experience into a futuristic one. AT&T services are available at affordable market rates across 21 states in the U.S. 


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