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AT&T has been recognized as a leading phone provider. What you probably don't know is that AT&T has branched out and added the world of television to their high-speed internet services. AT&T has become quite a player as a television network with live programming, streaming, and on-demand services.

But there are probably some questions you still have: How does AT&T TV work? Which channels are available on AT&T TV? Fortunately, right here, we have the answers for you!

Read on for everything you need to know about AT&T TV if you're interested in learning what else this famous provider has to offer!


What can you watch on AT&T TV?


This question is really meant to be, "What can't you watch on AT&T TV?"

The AT&T subscription service has brought the scattered worlds of television back together with their range of packages in a genuinely modern fashion. Although prices can vary, the choices you have with AT&T TV are very vast:

  • Live Television: AT&T customers will get up to 140 live channels to watch all their favorite TV shows, depending on the package you select. All hits from basic cable like ABC, NBC, CBS to premium networks are included in this lineup like HBO, Showtime, Starz.

  • On-Demand: Users will get up to 50,000 on-demand titles with AT&T TV to choose from. AT&T's on-demand library has a large range of old and new content, unlike most television providers. On-demand services do not expire quickly, and no additional cost is required to watch these movies.

  • Streaming Service: Some AT&T TV customers also get one year of HBO Max streaming for free, in addition to live and on-demand options. Sadly, with the most affordable bundle AT&T offers, this deal is not available, but it does come with every other plan.


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Get AT&T TV and enjoy a year of HBO® included

Get AT&T TV and enjoy a year of HBO® included



Where can I watch AT&T TV?


Customers don't need a satellite dish installed with the AT&T TV streaming service. Instead, for no extra fee, AT&T can fix a tiny cable box in your home.

You will need a high-speed internet connection to use the on-demand and live TV streaming service elements of your package, which can also be bundled with your package if you choose AT&T as your Broadband provider.

You can stream content from up to three devices once you have the service up and running when you log in with your details. Such devices include:

  • Laptops

  • Tablets

  • Smartphones

  • Televisions


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What about recordings from AT&T DVRs?

AT&T TV makes it possible to watch your favorite live programming on your own time.

For their DVR needs, AT&T TV provides clients with access to sophisticated cloud technology. This means that, as with other television providers, you're not confined to a limited amount of storage. Customers of AT&T may record from their television or other account-attached devices.

Some additional perks of cloud DVR include:

  • Keep recordings for up to 90 days

  • The default package includes 20 hours of DVR, and 500 hours are available for purchase for an additional $10/month.

  • Playback on any device

  • Record multiple programs at the same time

  • Pause and rewind live television



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What are the packages available through AT&T TV?


AT&T TV has three different packages to choose from, depending on the features you're looking for. In price, a number of channels, and premium add-ons:

  • Entertainment Package: The entertainment plan would be the customer's most affordable choice available. You can get access to 65 live channels and 40,000 on-demand titles for $69.99 a month.

For an extra monthly fee, premium add-ons and international channels may also be added to this kit.

The biggest appeal of this package is undoubted that it comes at no extra cost with a year-long subscription to HBO Max!

  • Ultimate Package: For $94.99 a month, consumers can upgrade to the Ultimate kit.

  • Choice Package: Although the price for consumers who opt for the Choice bundle jumps to $84.99, this plan comes with 90 live channels and 45,000 on-demand titles-a bit of an improvement!

This small cost rise comes with an identical improvement in features—130 live channels and 55,000 titles on demand. Once again, with this package, HBO Max is available for one year.


No Contracts


It had a number of the characteristics most people left cable for when AT&T TV launched. Contracts, rising rates, and hidden charges. Uh, no more! You can now get AT&T at the above rates from month to month. For those who want a contract at slightly different rates, AT&T still has an option that also includes the larger DVR.


AT&T TV discounts


Two discounts are offered by AT&T TV, but they may not be available to everyone:

Internet Bundle - If customers also choose AT&T as their internet provider, for a lower monthly rate, their plan can be bundled. The internet service bundle from AT&T would reduce the price of your preferred TV package by $10 a month. This contract, however, will only impact your TV service's first year. The rate will go up again after 12 months.


Is AT&T TV worth it?


Your personal needs will depend on whether or not AT&T TV is worth having.

While it falls on the pricier end of TV providers, with all your favorite TV shows and networks, AT&T provides quite a bit in the way of live TV and on-demand services. AT&T TV is now your only option if you are searching for your nearest Fox Regional Sports Network. Like HBO Max, the AT&T Choice Package has a fair chance of being the best one for you! Also, their most competitive bundle has a long channel lineup that, in contrast, makes other providers pale in comparison.

Fortunately, there is a large range of internet plans available for AT&T TV, and you have options to choose from if you are considering a subscription.


Get AT&T TV and enjoy a year of HBO® included

Get AT&T TV and enjoy a year of HBO® included


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