DIRECTV Pricing, Packages & Deals 2024

DIRECTV Pricing, Packages & Deals [year]

Tue, Nov 7, 2023 6:20 PM


DirecTV, like most other pay-TV providers, offers a large range of standard and high-definition channels to subscribers, but it does so via direct-broadcast satellite (DBS) technology. When compared to other cable and satellite providers, DIRECT TV offers a superior bargain, with full-featured plans starting at $64.99 per month plus taxes and other costs. DIRECTV does not offer phone or Internet service, unlike most cable companies. DIRECTV, on the other hand, has teamed up with AT&T to provide packaged bundles that include both phone and high-speed internet.


Are there any DIRECTV packages for families?

Yes, technically. A DIRECTV Family Package with around 18 additional channels costs only $29.99 per month including taxes.

However, it is unlikely to be the best decision for the majority of families. That's because you can purchase DIRECTV Select All Included for an extra $5 each month, which includes over 155(!) channels. There are 100 other channels available, including Travel Channel, HGTV, and others.

Finally, you must choose which DTV bundle is suitable for your household. 



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DIRECTV App: Stream Live TV to Your Mobile Device or Computer

The DIRECTV App gives you access to over 100 live channels on your phone, tablet, or computer, regardless of the package you have. Thousands of more titles are also available on demand. When you utilize the DIRECTV App, you can watch them even when you're not at home.


Genie: DIRECTV’s HD DVR System

Genie is the name of DIRECTV's HD DVR system. It can record up to five of your favorite shows at once and save up to 200 hours of high-definition content. Users can view their Genie HD DVR wirelessly from any TV in range when using Genie Minis, which are effectively receivers for one Genie HD DVR. Other intriguing features, such as the ability to simultaneously watch two of your favorite shows on a single television, are also good to have... However, the average person is unlikely to use them. Learn more: Step-By-Step Guide On Programming Your DIRECTV Remote


Prices, Packages & Deals for DIRECTV



The only changes between the plans listed below are the number of movie channel alternatives such as HBO and SHOWTIME, as well as the number of local channels and costs. All options include access to streaming services and DIRECTV's Genie HD DVR.

Please keep in mind that pricing and availability may differ depending on your service area. Companies like DIRECTV like to test out new pricing structures in different markets from time to time, so visit the DIRECTV sign-up page and enter your zip code to validate your pricing and availability. Hurry, since these exclusive discounts may expire at any time.



The most basic TV streaming plan. Stream more than 60 channels. For current pricing and availability, contact DIRECTV.



The ENTERTAINMENT bundle, which costs $64.99 per month plus taxes for a year, includes 160+ channels.



Residential consumers can acquire the CHOICE package, which includes 185+ channels and the 2021 season of NFL Sunday Ticket, for $69.99 per month plus taxes for a year.



The ULTIMATE bundle, dubbed "the movie-lovers package," includes 250+ channels. The cost is $84.99 per month + taxes for a period of 12 months.



The PREMIER package is by far the most expensive, costing $134.99 per month plus taxes for a period of 12 months. It is, nevertheless, the most comprehensive. It contains around 330 channels, with more than 200 of them in full HD.


Premium Channels, Sports, and International Packages

There are offers available for a number of DIRECTV packages and add-ons, including sports channels like NFL Sunday Ticket, NBA League Pass, and the rest, in addition to the basic plans stated above. Residential consumers, for example, can pay an extra monthly charge to subscribe to premium networks like SHOWTIME, STARZ®, HBO, and Cinemax. However, if you sign up today, you'll get three months of HBO, STARZ, SHOWTIME, and Cinemax for free.

If you choose the CHOICE ($60 per month for 12 months plus taxes and additional fees and taxes, such as a regional sports fee, may apply) DIRECTV plan or higher, you'll also get the 2021–2022 NFL Sunday Ticket season for free. Only out-of-market games are allowed. There are additional international packages available, such as Spanish, Filipino, and Vietnamese. More information on the NFL Sunday Ticket may be found here. More information regarding MLB Network may be found here.




There's a strong chance you'll be charged with at least a few extra fees, taxes, and equipment expenses unless you pay close attention when signing up for pay-TV and internet service. This can also be said about DIRECTV. The indicated package costs are valid for the first 12 months, after which you will be charged the current rate. Autopay and paperless billing are required, however, all DIRECTV packages require a 24-month contract. As a result, once the first year of your plan is up, you may expect your monthly payment to rise. In the second year, prices are greater. Also, don't sign up for a 24-month plan with the purpose of canceling when the monthly rate increases.

For early cancellations, DIRECTV charges a $15 deactivation fee plus a prorated early cancellation fee of up to $20 each month.



DirecTV Plans

Featured Plan

Cox Provider

Bundles starting from $49.99/mo.

Cox is the third-largest cable provider in the nation. The company offers download speed up to 300 Mbps, the business offers Contour TV with over 220 channels and discount for low-income families.

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