HBO Max Compatible Devices, Programming and more

HBO Max Compatible Devices, Programming  and more

Mon, May 10, 2021 3:04 PM

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HBO stands for Home Box Office and is a cable television network. You may have seen the name when flipping through the channels on television. HBO was once the oldest and longest-running subscription television service in the world. Documentaries, theatrically released motion pictures, documentaries, and the occasional special, such as comedy shows or concerts, are shown on these channels.

HBO entered the streaming business in 2015 with the launch of HBO Now, which gave users access to HBO original programming and theatrical films. It was a standalone monthly charge that did not include a cable subscription to access.

HBO's streaming service was renamed HBO Max in July 2020, replacing HBO Now.


HBO has two different subscription plans: HBO and HBO Max. The base price for all subscription options is $14.99 a month. Learn more about HBO Max pricing here.


HBO Max features programming from the following networks:

Looney Tunes
Charm City Kings
Raised by Wolves
TCM (Turner Classic Movies)
Sesame Workshop
Studio Ghibli
Adult Swim
All of HBO’s groundbreaking documentaries, “must-see series, and blockbuster movies.”
DC Comics
Cartoon Network

They still have the whole Friends season, which was recently taken off Netflix. More than 1,300 movies and 10,000 hours of programming are available on HBO Max.


HBO subscriptions usually only include HBO's must-see material, documentaries, and other films and movies, but not the additional content mentioned above.

Since HBO and HBO Max are both the same price, it's a no-brainer to choose HBO Max. The only time you'd use HBO will be if your streaming system doesn't support HBO Max. As of October 2020, neither Roku 2020 models nor Fire TV help HBO Max, but many subscribers are hopeful that this will improve in the future. HBO is available for free for three months to new DISH Network customers.

HBO Max Device Compatibility

The latest version of Microsoft Edge for Windows
Safari version 10 or later
Android TV
Apple TV
PlayStation 4
Samsung TV (2016 models and later)
Xbox One
Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch (with iOS 12.2 or later)
Android phone and tablets (with Android OS 5 or later)
PC with Windows 7 or later
Mac with macOS X 10.10 (Yosemite) or later
Google Chromebooks
The latest version of Chrome or Firefox

You can also get innovative and stream HBO Max to your TV using apps like Chromecast or Airplay, or by connecting your device or phone directly to the television using an HDMI cable.

Roku, Fire TV, and the Xfinity X1 TV Box are not compatible with HBO Max. You'll have to settle for the standard HBO subscription if you own either of these units.

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