Everything You Need to Know About Quantum Internet

Everything You Need to Know About Quantum Internet

Mon, Apr 26, 2021 9:01 PM

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Quantum Internet, also known as Quantum Fiber, is a modern fiber-optic internet service that will be available in the United States. To provide high-speed, dependable internet access to its customers, the Quantum network employs the most cutting-edge technologies available. This guide will show you how Quantum Fiber differs from the competition and how fiber-optic internet will enhance your online experience.


What Sets Fiber Internet Apart?

Fiber-optic internet, also known as fiber, is a ground-breaking new technology for delivering internet access to homes and business internet. Other common internet service systems, such as dial-up, DSL, and cable, are far behind fiber technology. Let's look at each device in more detail to see how fiber is changing the internet landscape:


  • Coaxial Cable - Unlike dial-up and DSL, cable internet does not transmit data over telephone lines. Instead, cable internet makes use of the same kind of cable that you use for cable TV. These cables are known as coaxial cables, and they look nothing like phone cords.

  • Fiber - Fiber, instead of using the electrical impulses used by dial-up, DSL, and cable to send data, uses a completely different mechanism: light. The type of cables needed for this internet service is made by bundling tiny glass optical fibers. These fibers are around the same size as a single strand of human hair. To communicate data, these fibers send extremely fast light pulses down the line.

  • Dial-up modem - In previous decades, dial-up internet was commonly used, but when faster systems became available, it fell out of favor. Dial-up transmits data over existing phone lines. Since dial-up uses the phone's audible frequencies, you can hear beeping noises when it connects, which is why it's called "dial-up." You can't use the phone and dial up the internet at the same time for the same reason.

  • DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) - DSL, or digital subscriber line, is a form of data transmission that uses existing telephone lines. The DSL system, on the other hand, works on inaudible frequencies, which means it won't interfere with your regular phone service, allowing you to use DSL internet and your phone at the same time.


How Quick Is Fiber Internet Compared to Others?

Dial-up internet has a 56-kbps average speed (about 0.05 Mbps).

DSL is a significant improvement over dial-up, with download rates ranging from 1 to 100 Mbps.

Cable internet is also quicker, with download speeds ranging from 10 to 500 megabits per second.

Fiber internet, on the other hand, can reach speeds of up to 70% of light speed! We'll compare the speed of some common online functions on dial-up, DSL, cable, and fiber to get a better idea of just how fast that is.


Here's how long each type of internet connection will take to download a 6.5 GB media file:


  • Between one minute and 14 hours with Cable

  • Around one minute on fiber

  • 11 days with dial-up

  • Between one and 14 hours with DSL


Quantum Fiber has a maximum speed of 940 megabits per second (Mbps), which is almost 1 gigabit per second. Quantum Fiber is lightning fast, particularly when compared to DSL's average speed of 25 Mbps or cable's 100s of Mbps.


Compare these download rates for files, songs, TV shows, and movies:


  • Music – With a 25Mbps connection, downloading 70 MB of music would take 22.4 seconds. You could download the same amount of music in 0.56 seconds with Quantum Fiber.

  • Television Programs - With a 25 Mbps connection, a 175 MB TV episode will take nearly a minute to download. The same episode could be downloaded in under two seconds with Quantum Fiber.

  • Movies - If you want to download a 700 MB movie at 25Mbps, you will have to wait nearly four minutes. You could download the same movie in less than six seconds with Quantum Fiber.

  • Photos - With Quantum Fiber, a 5MB picture that would take 1.6 seconds to download at 25 Mbps takes just 0.04 seconds.


How Does Quantum Internet Speed Compare to National Averages?

Quantum Fiber can provide download and upload speeds of up to 940 Mbps. In contrast, the average internet speed in the United States is just 50.2 Mbps. This means that the peak speed of Quantum Fiber is almost 19 times faster than the average American home's internet speed.

Even the city with the fastest average internet speed in America can't match Quantum Fiber's speed. Bayside, New York, had the fastest average speed in the country in 2019, at 100.8 Mbps. The peak speed of Quantum Fiber is also more than 9 times higher.


What Would Quantum Internet Be Used For?

In addition to routine online functions like shopping and checking email, Quantum Fiber's high speeds allow you to do a variety of things, including:


  • Getting all of your devices connected - Connecting all of your devices to a slower internet connection will make your web experience even slower. When you connect several computers, phones, smart TVs, tablets, and other popular devices to Quantum Fiber, you won't have to worry about slow internet. In reality, Quantum Fiber is quick enough to support internet-connected devices such as smart lights and refrigerators.

  • Steaming Television - Watching shows on your favorite streaming services is a breeze with Quantum Fiber's speed. Buffer speed and latency would not be a problem for Netflix, HBO, Hulu, or anything else.

  • Video Conferencing - It's never been easier to keep in contact with friends and family. Quantum Fiber internet speeds support strong and secure connections over FaceTime, Zoom, and other video messaging applications, so you don't have to pause and start your video chats.

  • Working from homeWork from home with confidence, knowing that your internet connection is capable of handling massive virtual meetings, complex applications, and all-day use.

  • Creating a data backup - In the event that your device is damaged, you can ensure that all of your valuable digital items, such as images, videos, songs, and more, are saved on the cloud. With Quantum Fiber's high speed, you can back up your entire hard drive to the cloud in minutes rather than hours.

  • Online Gaming - If you enjoy gaming with people from all over the world, Quantum Fiber will make it a completely seamless and enjoyable experience. Quantum has high enough speeds to prevent latency, buffering, bugs, freezing, and other game interruptions.


How Much Does Quantum Internet Cost?

Quantum Fiber will provide simultaneous download and upload speeds of up to 940 Mbps in your home for just $65 per month. This is just $5 more than the national average for broadband internet access, and Quantum Fiber provides much faster and more reliable service.

Plus, when you sign up for Quantum Fiber, you get a lot more than just high-speed internet.


  • Free service installation

  • Unlimited data with no overage fees

  • A free modem


Fiber internet has many advantages, whether you live alone or in a big household with many internet users.


Utilize Your Fiber Internet By Streaming Your Favorite Shows and Movies

With such dependable and fast internet, you can easily stream TV shows and movies from Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and other popular streaming services. You'll definitely want to mix your sophisticated internet technology with a few subscriptions to your favorite streaming channels to get the most out of it.




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