Here's How To Fix If Not Getting The Right Ethernet Speed

Here's How To Fix If Not Getting The Right Ethernet Speed

Thu, May 6, 2021 11:04 PM

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We went from megabyte speeds to much faster gigabyte speeds in less than a decade. Forward to two years of arduous effort, you have finally obtained a gigabyte link. The ISP technician arrives at your residence and installs the gigabyte link. However, the first thing you find after plugging in your ethernet cable is that instead of the promised 1000 megabytes, your network speed is much smaller.


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So why are getting much lower speed than that and here's how you can fix it.


Check your Connection Speed

It's critical to keep an eye on your pace. You can check it from your computer's settings or via a website.


How to check through your computer settings:


  1. Click on Search and type "Control Panel"

  2. Once "Control Panel" is open Look for Network and Internet then click on the settings.

  3. Once you open the Network and Internet you will be able to see the setting for Network and Sharing Center. There are few options below that Network and Sharing Center settings click the that says "View Network Status and Tasks"

  4. Scroll through lines where it says "View your basic network information and set up a connection", you can see the name of your ethernet connection, you can click on that.

  5. Setting box will come up and inside you will see your network speed


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Gigabyte switch/router


Try to ensure your hardware can handle gigabit speeds, as even your ISP's router can not be able to handle them. Your computer's network interface card should also support gigabytes due to Auto-Negotiation.


Here's How To Fix If Not Getting The Right Ethernet Speed




Auto-Negotiation is a configurable adapter environment. It's possible that enabling it would restore your network's usual speed. By following these steps, you can pick Auto-Negotiation:


  1. Look for and select the search option. When it pops up, look for Control Panel and click on it.

  2. After you've opened the control panel, go through each and every setting before you find the Network and Internet setting, then double-click it.

  3. When you connect to the internet and open your network, you'll see the Network and Sharing Center settings. Below the network and sharing center setting, you'll see a few options; select the first one, View network status and tasks.

  4. Change adapter setting is a setting found on the left side of the settings menu. Choose it.

  5. Pick properties from the ethernet link by right-clicking them. You'll see a box appear, and inside that box, you'll see the choice configure. It should be opened.

  6. Once you selected Configure, go to the advanced tab and pick Speed & Duplex from the list of assets. Select OK after changing Va


Faulty Cable.


After you've checked that your machine has a low gigabyte speed, the first thing you can do is double-check your ethernet cable. The most common cause of this issue is a defective cable.

Pull the ethernet cable out of the LAN port and replace it; a click can be heard when the cable is plugged back in.

Loose wires can also be a problem with your ethernet cable. Pull the individual cables slightly to see if any are loose. The sloppy link can be easily removed. Replace the cable in its original location.


A CAT 5 cable


Text is written on the surface of your ethernet cable. Check to see if your cable is CAT 5 by reading it. If that's the case, upgrade to a 5e, 6, or 7 CAT cable. Gigabit rates are not supported by the CAT 5 ethernet cable.


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