How To Fix Laptop Won't Connect To Wi-Fi

How To Fix Laptop Won't Connect To Wi-Fi

Mon, Jan 3, 2022 4:26 PM

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You're rushed today because you have a lot of internet-related work to do because your laptop doesn't have an internet connection. You have a laptop and an internet connection, but you are unable to connect to Wi-Fi with it. It's impossible to identify where the problem is, though. It's quite inconvenient because you're not using the internet, even if you have one. More significantly, you don't feel compelled to seek assistance from a technician. As a result, there is a home treatment for this problem, and it is rather simple.


What Type of Wi-Fi?


The most critical step is to establish a Wi-Fi connection, and you'll need equipment that is compatible with your home network laptops or computers, such as a router. A router is a cable or Ethernet network connection that is often utilized. A router receives a cable or Ethernet network's internet connection and ensures internet access.

Wired and wireless networks are the two types of networks that exist. Ethernet networks are generally thought to be hard-wired to laptops, while wireless networks carry data using radio waves. Wired networks are thus far superior to wireless networks in terms of power, speed, and reliability. If you wish to use Wi-Fi to connect your laptop to a speedier network, you'll need an Ethernet network.

In fact, detecting the problem is difficult because the issue could be with a laptop or an internet connection. As a result, you must determine what is causing your internet connection to be banned. In this instance, it's critical to use your smartphone to check your internet connection. You can do this to see if your connection is working. There is no problem with internet connectivity if the smartphone is working and getting a connection. Now we'll go through several troubleshooting techniques that you can use to resolve the problem.


Restart Your Router


If you're using a router, you'll need to restart it and check the service. As a result, there are a few basic steps you can take.

  • Disconnect the router or modem's cables.

  • Set aside one minute or thirty seconds.

  • You connect your cord to the router once more (You may need to power-on of the modem or router)

  • Set aside 1 minute.

  • Re-plug the router and wait for the router to boot up.

The connection may be suspended if the network or connection goes down, but it frequently resumes after restarting. You should be able to connect to Wi-Fi from your laptop after following those procedures. However, if there is no connectivity, you can use a laptop that will not have any issues.


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Laptop Connect to WiFi


Reset the Wi-Fi Driver


Wi-Fi adapters may fail for a variety of reasons, including power outages or compatibility issues with other devices. This driver may not be compatible with your laptop's connection. When you reset your Wi-Fi driver, there may be a remedy from the Wi-Fi driver. The following are some simple ways to reset your Wi-Fi driver:


  • Go to this computer and click the right mouse button.

  • You then proceed to device manager (you will get a big list after clicking)

  • As a result, there are network adapters, and you must double-click to obtain the Wi-Fi driver.

  • You can now unistall the device from the Wi-Fi driver.


It's now time to turn off your computer and see what occurs. The laptop can effortlessly connect to Wi-Fi if the system has no severe flaws. However, if there is no trace of a connection, you might try updating your Wi-Fi driver.


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Wi-Fi Drivers Should Be Updated


This could be the most prevalent and real explanation for a laptop not connecting to Wi-Fi. Surely, the Wi-Fi driver will not work if the system is corrupted or the control panel is missing. If the issue is with a laptop, such as a Wi-Fi driver, this driver provides a simple remedy. You simply update or start a new method to ensure that your laptop can connect to Wi-Fi quickly and conveniently.

How can you acquire an updated Wi-Fi driver if you don't have an internet connection? As a result, there are two options for updating your Wi-Fi driver. To ensure you can get driver support, you can use a cable internet connection or an offline scan feature. You may now upgrade your Wi-Fi driver in one of two methods.

If you can go to the manufacturer's website, such as HP, ASUS, Mac, and so on, updating your Wi-Fi driver is simple. As a result, you must select the best and most appropriate driver software that is compatible with your laptop. There are a few straightforward options.


  • Find a relevant driver and install it correctly on your computer.


After that, follow the on-screen instructions to connect your laptop to the Internet. If your internet connection is stable, a new Wi-Fi driver will undoubtedly assist you in connecting your laptop to the internet.


Change Your IP Address


As most problems in terms of Wi-Fi disconnection from a laptop occur from an internet connection or driver conflict, your remedy will come from the aforementioned ways. There could also be a problem with the IP address. As a result, you should renew the IP address to ensure that the problem may be resolved.


  • To get the run box, hold down the windows logo key and press R on the keyboard.

  • To open a black window, type cmd and hit enter.

  • Now hit enter after typing ipconfig/release (you have to wait for some moment for the command)

  • After you've finished the command, type ipconfig/renew into the address bar and hit enter.


Now you'll have to wait for a while. Your laptop will connect to Wi-Fi if the IP address changes. If you can get the connection, this easy procedure will be a breeze.

If you don't acquire a connection after following this method, you may have to go back to the beginning. Third-party antivirus software may have some concerns. This could be the reason for the laptop's Wi-Fi connection to be lost. As a result, you can disable third-party antivirus software on your laptop. You must restart your laptop once more to see what occurs with the Wi-Fi connection. After turning off the laptop, it may connect automatically in this instance.



The Final Result


It's not difficult to connect your laptop to Wi-Fi. You will undoubtedly not be chasing after any specialist if you use these tactics. You can resolve the issue at home. When you can address your problem using your laptop at home, it's a pretty nice experience. Because you only have to operate on the PC's system, these approaches are quite straightforward. As a result, there is no need to pay the technician.

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