Cable Guide: Why You Should Not Cut the Cord

Cable Guide: Why You Should Not Cut the Cord

Thu, Sep 30, 2021 5:26 PM

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It sometimes feels like cutting the cable cord is inevitable in the age of streaming services and a la carte channels. However, before you cancel, be sure you're not switching to services that may result in a greater price than you anticipated.

At first, glance, getting the same value from streaming and separate on-demand bundles may appear feasible, but make sure you evaluate the realities of the services you're foregoing.


Cable Streaming Apps 


All of the benefits of watching your favorite shows on-demand are still available with your cable bundle.

Not only can you check in to your cable company's website to access multiple channels, but many cable companies now have their own apps that allow you to access their extensive library of programming. Check out Cox's Contour app, Suddenlink2Go, or Cable One's TV Everywhere. These applications make it simple to watch your favorite shows on the move.


Save Money on Bundled Packages


The basic membership service provided by streaming businesses is merely a portion of the total cost of watching your favorite material online. You'll also need to factor in a separate Internet expense now that Internet isn't included in your cable TV bundle, as well as your cell phone data plan if you stream on the go. Data fees may be incurred as a result of this.

Not to mention that you may have to pay a fee to watch The Bachelor finale with the rest of the country on some of the live stations. Otherwise, watching it on streaming the next day could result in someone spoiling your programming on social media, causing significant FOMO when everyone is talking about the spectacular Twitter engagement blunders.

You save money on both your Internet and your cable when you bundle your Internet with your TV. Bundling with other services like smart home setup and phone or security system bundles allows you to save even more money on the items you already need around the house.

However, in order to receive all of your favorite channels, live TV, shows, and movies, you may end up with a large bill from several streaming services and individual movie rentals. This is especially true if you watch premium cable: you can sometimes get discounts on these channels if you bundle your services, but they can be expensive on their own.



Live Sports Action Every Time


While streaming sports is becoming more popular, you can't beat your cable provider's live sports channel offers. Streaming can be inconsistent, and the last thing you want is for your connection to go down just as you're about to score a game-winning goal. You might want to consider removing the connection to ensure that your Sunday football routine is undisturbed.


Cable Guide: Why You Should Not Cut the Cord


Offers a Wider Range of Options


Another advantage of using cable services rather than cutting the cord is that you have more options. You have the option of selecting what you want and searching for a niche market created specifically for you.

Do you like to exclusively watch local news channels? Are you a die-hard sports fan who can't bear missing a match? Providers provide a wide range of bundles to cater to a wide range of people, which can be very useful if everyone in your household enjoys watching various channels.


Cable Exclusive Content


If you want to keep up with the latest shows, you'll need a cable bundle to get access to all of the episodes. There are some series that aren't available on streaming — or if they are, there's a wait — and cutting the cord typically means paying more for a specific channel like FX.

This may appear achievable at first, but waiting six months or longer to catch up on a popular show means you'll miss out on watercooler chatter and risk having the show spoilt by social media.




While it is true that the Internet dominates the scene now, especially on streaming. There is no denying the fact that cable companies have also stepped up their game, in pursuit of the other competitors. There are advantages and disadvantages to keeping your cable subscription. You just need to weigh if you are willing to pay the extra for more options or cut it out and try to find the best alternative on the internet.


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