How to Buy and Install Internet Service?

How to Buy and Install Internet Service?

Wed, Feb 3, 2021 8:00 PM

Spectrum Internet Bundles

It's a tough job to find an internet plan that is ideally suited to your needs, but let's say that you have finally found a winner after going through intense, painstaking comparisons between internet service providers and their plans. Ordering the kit and having the service activated is the next move now.

It seems like such a simple job, but you could find yourself delaying the process with too much data to process and with your mind already drained from looking for an internet plan that suits the budget and your needs. If the cause of procrastination is fear, it's still precious time wasted and no one wants that. So, here is the guide on how to set up an internet service to ensure that you have a stress-free experience setting up and running your internet connection.

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Ways That You Can Order Internet


There are many ways you can order your favorite internet plan for yourself. By visiting their franchise, you can ask the supplier in person or go for contactless service and send them a call on their helpline. If that is more like your style, you can also order online. Needless to say, each alternative has its own advantages.


Benefits of Ordering Internet over the Phone


The way to go, particularly with a deadly virus on the rampage and social distance protocols in place, is to explore your options with a qualified representative. They will walk you through all the packages and even tell you about the internet deals that might save you some big bucks you may have skipped. WOW Internet has outstanding customer service and you'll have an incredible experience if that's who you're going with. You should receive a follow-up email confirming your subscription and information once that's completed, which gets all the data in writing.

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Benefits of Ordering Online for an Internet


Many of us hesitate at the very prospect of having to speak to someone and would prefer to be fully contactless. We have the luxury of doing just that, thanks to the internet.

Websites have comprehensive internet provider plans and their frequently asked questions section makes it all the easier for individuals to grasp their packages. In your city, you can type in your zip code and get localized results on all the available internet plans that eliminate all uncertainty.

Where to order online?


To be sure, after placing the order, you may have to communicate with a salesperson for clarification, but that only allows you to confirm the purchase, and voila! Right away, they will schedule an installation at your address.


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Benefits of Shopping for an Internet in person


Over the internet, a face-to-face conversation still sounds better than a via phone. You can put your questions to qualified customer representatives and you can see their gestures and reactions as they respond. The human touch makes it all the more fun and helps to ease all your inquiries. What's more, you can pick up the router while you're at it if you intend to do WiFi installation on your own, which is sure to reduce the total time to get your connection going.

You could find a store close by if you live in a big metropolitan area, so it makes perfect sense to drop by. Given their broad reach, if it is Spectrum Internet that you are searching for, you should have no problem. They're more likely to have a store close to you than any other supplier.

Then again, this option has some life-threatening implications that you would prefer to avoid, considering the infectious nature of the coronavirus. You may as well give up on it before at least the second wave has passed.


Buy Internet


Internet Installation Process


Once you have put the order, the next move is to install it. The method is pretty straightforward for others. Just have it mounted professionally and you're done. This can become costly, of course. Obtaining the self-installation package and doing the labor yourself is a smart way to cut costs.

It's certainly worth considering, given how simple the self-installing Spectrum is. Your internet connection will be ready to use for a fraction of the cost. However, if you already have the equipment or want to save even more by purchasing your own equipment, you can mount it without the kit yourself.

This takes a little more technological know-how, but even for those who are not qualified in the computer, it's easy if you're willing to put in the time for research.


Professional Cable Installation


You will be asked to pick the installation process along with it when you order your internet service. Your internet service provider can dispatch an installer to your address if you have opted to get it installed by a specialist. From time to time, RCN Internet provides a free installation service, so you may want to get it at the right time.

With that said, each internet provider has its own specific process by which the time for installation is chosen. It is highly influenced by the installer's availability and the time they drop by will differ considerably from the one you have cited, even with the best coordination.

To be on the safe side to ensure that the installer does not forget you, make sure that if they are late for installation, you have scheduled two extra hours of time. Sometimes it can even take longer to mount, so clearing additional hours on that day can save you from a lot of stress, particularly if you're a busy body.

We will also recommend that you move the big furniture parts away from the wall and your TV sets so that the installer can get to work right away to speed things up.

Also, we can't emphasize enough how important it is that you check before they leave if the service is available. Check whether you're getting your subscribed download speed or you're going to have to call a technician again, which would just cost more.


Working with a self-install kit


Self-install kits are the way to go for internet users. They're quick to set up, and they don't take time at all. If you want to add cable TV, however, we'd recommend you cough up the extra bucks and let professionals handle it.

The following are included in a typical self-install kit:

  1. Coaxial Cables

  2. Internet Cables

  3. Handbook

  4. The Modem

  5. Router


The step-by-step directions are pretty simple and you'll be finished in no time if you obey them. It's just plugging the machines together properly most of the time, so it's simple enough, but you can call customer service for assistance if you do have problems. Cox Internet provides 24/7 tech support, so you can rely on them to help you out even if it's the middle of the night.

Many internet service providers offer a promise of satisfaction that you can make use of in the first 15 days. You can cancel it in the agreed-upon time period without worrying about an early termination fee if you notice that you are not getting the speeds advertised or the connection is just not living up to your expectations.


However, due to signal loss, be aware that speeds can be up to 25 percent lower than Wi-Fi, so prepare accordingly.



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