Simple Tricks To Speed up Your Internet Connection

Simple Tricks To Speed up Your Internet Connection

Sat, Jan 13, 2024 12:24 AM

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A clogged router or a full cache on your browser will significantly slow down your internet. Learn how to troubleshoot issues independently. When work, leisure, and communication are all done over the internet, having a secure and good internet connection is more than a luxury; it's a requirement. What happens if the broadband you've paid for doesn't give you the speeds you've paid for?

The first step is to determine exactly what you'll be receiving. If your speed test results are similar to what your plan claims, you may be experiencing issues with your Wi-Fi. Before you jump ship, consider if any of these ideas can help you boost your Wi-Fi signal.


Restart your modem and router


Most internet service providers (ISPs) advise that you reboot your router every few months. Disconnecting your modem and router from their power supply, waiting 10 seconds, and then reconnecting them is the easiest way to do this. A hard reset, which is comparable to rebooting your device, allows your modem and router to fix any faults that are causing them to slow down temporarily.


Check to see whether your internet service provider has a data cap


If your house's Wi-Fi is suddenly slower than usual, it's conceivable that you've reached your monthly usage limit. While data caps aren't as common as they once were, some internet providers still limit the amount of data you can use on a monthly basis. If you see a sudden decline in speed, look into the details of your timetable to see if you've reached your limit.


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Install any firmware updates that are available


If you haven't updated your router in a while, it's possible that it requires the most recent software to function properly. That may appear to be more difficult than it is. Your modem and router, like your laptop, require regular maintenance. Fortunately, it's a simple thing to follow. All you have to do in most situations is connect your router to a device via Ethernet wire and download updates from the manufacturer's website.


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Speed up Your Internet Connection


Place your router in the appropriate location


When it comes to determining where to put your Wi-Fi router, there are a lot of factors to consider. Signals are sent out in all directions when the router is placed in the center of your home, ensuring that your connection isn't spent in the farthest regions of your area. The higher you boost it, the better your performance will be in general. You should also eliminate any clutter from the area around your modem or router. If something is blocking your router's signal, it won't be able to transmit it as well as it used to. Clear any clutter from around your router to ensure it has enough area.


Check who is connected to your network


It's likely that a neighbor is abusing your network. If you suspect this is the case, change your password and verify all of your security settings. You can also trace access with an app and identify authorized devices. To prevent malware and viruses from invading your home network from visitors' devices, set up a guest network.



Clear the cache and history


You may not believe that your browser history has an impact on your internet speed, but all of that information can add up to a significant amount of dead weight for your link to pull. If you haven't done so in a while, clear the browsing history and cache on computers connected to your Wi-Fi. This can also help each individual unit function better.


Disconnect Devices


Over the years, many people have connected their Wi-Fi to everything from smart refrigerators to streaming devices. Even if such gadgets are uninstalled or forgotten, the connection remains active and consumes precious bandwidth. To start things off and start new, we recommend changing your Wi-Fi password all at once.

You'll have to log in to each computer again, but any gadgets that aren't in use will be turned off. Some modern routers come with a home networking app that shows you all of the devices that are connected to your Wi-Fi network. If you have one of these, you may easily go into the app and manually disconnect any unwanted devices.



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