The Best AT&T Phone Deals (2023)

The Best AT&T Phone Deals  (2023)

Wed, Oct 5, 2022 7:16 PM


About AT&T Phone deals


There's rarely a day that AT&T, particularly for Cyber Monday, has no cell phone deals on sale. In reality, one of the carriers offering the most offers on all the newest smartphones is AT&T. When looking for the best AT&T cell phone deal, there are significant things to remember, so it's important to read the guides.


AT&T Phone Trade-in Deals


Be aware that only some trade-in phones are valid, and most of these are newer models if you are trying to take advantage of one of AT&T's trade-in offers. For instance, if you choose to trade in an iPhone 8, you're unlikely to get a really big discount, if any, but if you were to trade in an iPhone 11, you'll probably get the maximum discount.


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Without any phone damage, your trade-in phone must be in good working condition. So if you have a broken screen on your phone, don't turn it on, or have water damage, it won't be approved and you can say goodbye to your discount.


AT&T Installment Plans


Another important thing to remember about AT&T offers is that most mobile discounts are only offered on monthly payments to those who purchase the phone over 30 months. This means that if you're someone who immediately wants to own your phone, most of these offers won't work for you, because by sticking with AT&T for the full 30 months, you'll just get the full discount.


AT&T Requires a qualifying plan


Many of the offers from AT&T internet even require you to sign up for Unlimited Starter, Unlimited Extra, or Unlimited Elite, one of AT&T's unlimited postpaid plans. Depending on the contract, the package you need to select can vary, so make sure you check this before you complete your transaction.


The Best AT&T Phone Deals


AT&T New vs Current Customers


It's important to read the full fine print when it comes to internet deals if you're already a current AT&T customer because most of the best deals are for new customers only. AT&T isn't alone in only giving new customers the biggest discounts, most other carriers follow suit. There may be occasions when you are eligible for a discounted upgrade as a current customer, but you normally won't get the same discount as someone switching from a carrier.


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Best AT&T cell phone plan deals for 2021


  • No activation fee when you BYO phone to AT&T and activate your plan online

  • Bring your phone to a new AT&T plan and get a $250 Visa Reward card


Best AT&T cell phone deals 


  • Trade in an eligible phone to AT&T to get $1,000 off the newest Samsung Galaxy Note20 models

  • Bring your phone to AT&T to get a bonus $250 Visa Rewards Card Get 50% off a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G when you switch to AT&T

  • Pay just $15/month for an iPhone 11 with this AT&T deal, only for new customers.

  • Upgrade to a new iPhone and save $300, only for existing customers


AT&T Phone Deals




AT&T Wifi: Set Up a Mobile Hotspot and Tethering



Featured Plan

Spectrum Provider

Bundles starting from $69.99/mo.

Spectrum Internet offers an upgrade up to 940 Mbps. With Unlimited local and long distance Calling, Voicemail, Private Listing and more. You can also get free Wi-Fi, get your business connected, and unlimited phone calls throughout the United States. Spectrum offers contract-free and it is the second-largest cable provider in the US.

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