Things You Need to Know About Your Cable Bills

Things You Need to Know About Your Cable Bills

Thu, Feb 11, 2021 6:21 PM

TV Cable

Back Package

You opted for a simple cable television bundle when you signed up for your subscription. There are channels that are lumped together by the cable provider. There may be 20-50 channels for a basic package; there may be over 100 channels for other packages. There might also be a separate kit for each of these, depending on whether you watch more movies, sports, or reality shows. You could have selected some basic channels and a sports bundle to watch hockey games. There's a fixed price for each kit. A section on the bill that indicates the name of the package.

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Equipments / Devices

You can also rent or buy a cable modem or router when you have cable service installed in your home. This system takes the line that comes into your home and transforms the signal into something on your TV or computer that you can watch. The router helps you to track more than one computer at the same time and to provide the same service if you have internet and home phone service.

Premium Services

The choice to buy premium channels is only above the standard cable bundle. Per month, premium movie channels are paid. An extra fee could be for a sports kit. Events with pay-per-view are paid per occasion. This is another part of the bill and a supplementary fee. You can see a separate fee for the additional locations if you have cable on several television sets in your home.

Bundled Packages

Bundled packages are when you buy a bundle that requires several services from the cable company. The provider can give you a price far below what it would cost to buy them individually if you combine internet, cable television, and home phone services. Some cable packages include a subscription to Netflix or Hulu as well. There could be a segment on your bill that shows each service's price and then a discount based on the bundled price for each one. In each section, the features of each of the services may be detailed.

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Special Fees

Cable companies are entitled to pass those costs on to their clients. One is called the "charge for broadcast TV." Local networks such as CBS and ABC charge for their services to be distributed by cable providers. The fee is passed on to you. You can also see a rights of way use fee, which is a payment set up and paid by the state where you live. The cable lines that reach your house are laid in a network, either buried or running in public areas along with telephone lines. The state charges the fee that requires these lines to be built by the cable company.

The Regional Sports Surcharge fee is another fee you might see. Regional sports networks are paid by the cable providers to broadcast certain games. You could be paid this fee even tho you do not watch sports. Other charges may be listed here and could be defrayed, depending on your package plan. There should be a section on your invoice that describes each charge.

Things You Need to Know About Your Cable Bills

Surcharges and Taxes

Although the Internet Tax Freedom Act forbids the taxation of internet providers by federal, state, and local governments, unless they did so before 1998, your bill also requires taxes on other services. They can all be taxed on cable television, equipment costs, and home telephone services. Federal, state, local, and county taxes can be seen.

The Federal and state universal service charges are added on. The aim of these programs is to provide rural areas, schools, and libraries with telecommunication services, and everybody pays for them. As part of their business, cable companies have tax, regulatory, and legal costs that they incur. In the form of administrative, regulatory, or gross surcharge fees, they also pass this on to you.

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Other fees

Partial month charges may apply if during the month you have added, removed, or changed any services. Depending on how many days of the month you had the service, those should be prorated. Your last payment and any late fees or fines should be clearly stated and, along with the due date of the invoice, a list of what you owe should be attached.

Check Over It

Every month, make sure you review your cable bill. When a service has been canceled, make sure you get credit for the occasions you have not used it. If you have returned supplies, make sure that you do not have an ID. If you're not watching any of those channels, you may be able to switch to heaper package. Make sure all the discounts you apply for are earned by you. Understand each charge and fee. Don't think about calling your provider and thinking about something that you don't understand. A great choice is cable television, but be a smart customer and understand what you're paying for. ​

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