The Ultimate Guide to Choosing an Internet Service Provider (2023))

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing an Internet Service Provider (2023))

Wed, Mar 3, 2021 9:39 PM

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Are you in the market for a new internet service provider? At first glance, the providers in your region can appear to be nearly identical. The trick to deciding between them is to look beyond the price and into the features, they have to offer.

Given how much time you likely spend online each day, your choice of home internet service or business internet provider has the potential to improve — or degrade — your life. Your first instinct may be to choose the ISP that will provide you with the most bandwidth for your money, but that should not be your only consideration.



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You'll find ten more ways to compare internet providers below, so you can pick an ISP that will allow you to work, play, and stay connected every day.

 When comparing internet providers, your address is always usually the deciding factor. However, don't sign up for the first ISP that comes to mind. Since the largest national ISPs have similarly large advertising budgets, you may be unaware that smaller, more cost-effective providers operate in your region. If your cable and DSL options are small, it's time to look into satellite and wireless options.


Is it reliable?


ISPs for home internet and business internet will entice you with promises of lightning-fast speeds and never-dropping links, but don't put too much faith in advertising copy. User reviews will not represent the service as it is provided in your region, so ask your friends and neighbors about their internet service providers' experiences. When you do read reviews, make sure they're from an impartial source like BroadbandSearch, so the information you're receiving would be just as reliable as what you get from your social media.

Bottom Line: Keep away from an ISP if you read or hear numerous reports about faulty links, slow speeds, or poor tech support.


Will you get the best Customer support?


When there's a problem with your internet connection, you should be able to contact the internet provider right away, but this isn't always the case. When comparing ISPs, look for ones that provide live chat or phone support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and have well-designed, easy-to-navigate support pages on their website. You can also read customer service reviews, but keep in mind that most users just leave feedback after having a bad experience, so user reviews are unlikely to tell the whole story. To learn what there is to know about how ISPs handle their customers, look for feedback from unbiased sources like


Find an option.


It's time to look at what they can really offer now that you're familiar with the internet service providers operating in your region and have an idea of which have the best reputation. You'll need to think about what form of the internet can provide you with the best value and speed, which packages are best for your needs, and whether an ISP's definition of fast internet matches your own.


Wired or Wireless?


If you live in a heavily populated urban area, you will have the option of selecting from all five forms of internet distribution.

Cable internet connects subscribers to high-bandwidth cable television networks and is generally faster than DSL, though speeds can suffer during peak hours.

DSL is often the more affordable alternative because it uses phone lines to offer reliable speeds that are comparable to cable.

Fiber optic service (FiOS) is one of the quickest internet distribution methods, but it is still only accessible in a few places.

Add-ons like free 24/7 customer care, on-demand utilities, video package access, and anytime Wi-Fi hotspot access, on the other hand, could be the features that convince you to choose one ISP over another.





The Ultimate Guide to Choosing an Internet Service Provider (2022)



Hidden Cost?


When comparing internet services, the last thing to consider is whether there are any hidden costs. Some companies require you to rent or purchase equipment or pay to get it mounted on your house, but few companies make this explicit in their upfront pricing, so inquire about equipment fees before signing up with an ISP.


Finally, never believe that the unbelievable kit or bundle price you've been quoted is final. Make sure you ask if the offer is a promotional price so you aren't surprised by a larger bill six months or a year later.

There is a suitable home or company internet service provider out there! You can never find the perfect ISP, but with a little research, you should be able to find one that fits your needs at a reasonable price.

Are you interested in learning more? Begin by comparing ISPs in your region.

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