How To Transfer Your Spectrum Services to a New Address

How To Transfer Your Spectrum Services to a New Address

Fri, Nov 17, 2023 1:45 AM


Moving is one of the most difficult things you can do, whether it is just to the other side of town or around the world. The last thing you need is unforeseen difficulties from your TV and internet provider between packing up all your things and setting up at your new place. The no-contract services and quick transition method of Spectrum helps you concentrate on more important things

When you transfer with Spectrum, the costs you will pay depend to a large degree on which services you move and whether you are eligible for self-installation. Here's what they mean and how you may be able to stop them before you rack up all of these fees.


New installation fee

In certain situations, a new installation fee would also be paid to existing Spectrum customers, even though they already have their equipment. If a technician is required to make a visit for wiring purposes or if the service is not moved within 30 days of disconnection from the old address, you can incur a one-time new installation charge of $49.99 from Spectrum.


Spectrum Transfer Fee

To transfer utilities from one address to the next, Spectrum charges existing customers a one-time fee of $9.99. To schedule your upgrade, simply call Spectrum at 1.855.363.4906, and the charge will be added to your Spectrum bill service next month. Spectrum suggests that at least two weeks before a switch, subscribers make plans for a service transfer.


Spectrum self-install eligibility

As long as you are eligible for the DIY option, self-installation is a great way to avoid a professional installation charge. If you are making a local transfer, it is possible that you will get free of charge to self-install in your new home.

To confirm your eligibility, be sure to contact Spectrum beforehand. If self-installation isn't an option and you travel with a professional without an appointment for the first few days in your new home, you might end up without your services.


Activation charge for Spectrum Wi-Fi

Spectrum Internet customers at their current service address, no matter what, will pay a one-time Wi-Fi activation fee. If they plan to launch a Spectrum triple-play package with internet access, TV and voice subscribers need not worry about this cost. Learn here to activate your spectrum service.


How To Move Your Spectrum Services to a New Address


Frequently Asked Question


Before I move in, can I activate Spectrum services at my new address?

Whenever you're ready, you can activate your Spectrum service at your future address. After the move, however, services at your old address will cease. Make sure you've moved in before you arrange the activation to prevent a void in your services at your new place of residence.


What if Spectrum is not available at my new address?

A Spectrum representative will help you locate a provider that works for you at your new address if you switch to a place that is not within the coverage area. Be sure to return any Spectrum-owned equipment before you move, or your final bill will charge you for the cost of the equipment.


Do I need to return my current equipment to Spectrum?

A Spectrum representative will let you know whether you should bring your equipment to your new address when you arrange your service switch or if you will need to return it to Spectrum. You can return your equipment in-person to a local Spectrum location, or you can return it via UPS. The required shipping label will be given to you by Spectrum.


What if I need to change the move-in date?

It's easy to postpone your Spectrum service transfer. To change your appointment, simply give Spectrum a call at 1.855.363.4906. The more you can reschedule a technician in advance, the more likely you are to have service when you move in at your new address.


How soon can I get Spectrum services at my new address?

As soon as your installation is complete, your Spectrum services will be available at your new place of residence. The introduction of your new services depends on the availability of the technician and the duration of your appointment if you need to arrange professional installation.


How am I going to let Spectrum know I'm moving?

To speak with a Spectrum agent about transferring your services, call 1.855.363.4906. At least two weeks before your shift, Spectrum recommends that you do this, however, you can call at any time to arrange your service switch.


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