Best Phone and Cable Bundles (2023)

Best Phone and Cable Bundles (2023)

Tue, Sep 13, 2022 10:01 PM

Cable Internet Bundles

Generally, bundled packages give clients the flexibility of bundled billing and discounts. Smart customers tend to bundle services like Internet, Cable, and home phone for certain reasons—but what if you could add mobile phone service too?

Occasionally, when you obtain your mobile phone service from them, numerous internet service providers provide offers that discount internet and TV plans. 


Cable and Phone Plans FAQ


Can you bundle AT&T mobile phones and Internet?

Sadly, AT&T does not actually sell any mobile phone and internet service bundle offers.


Does Verizon bundle mobile phones and the internet?

You will get up to $10 a month off Verizon Wireless and $10 per month off the internet if you get your mobile phone and the internet from Verizon. 


How do I bundle my AT&T internet and DIRECTV?

As long as you're in an AT&T internet service area, AT&T makes bundling the internet and DIRECTV very convenient. To see if other providers offer service in your area, you can sign up for AT&T and DIRECTV at the same time, just enter your ZIP code.


 Can I Bundle Cable TV with My Cellphone?


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Best Cable and Mobile Phone Plans


There are no offers on the market right now for the bundling of cable TV and mobile phone services. But when you buy a new mobile phone contract, you may get some other TV plan services included.


  • AT&T Unlimited EliteSM—HBO® included*

  • Verizon Unlimited—Disney+ included for 1 year



AT&T Unlimited Elite 


This $50-per-month package comes with unlimited talk, email, and data in the US. Your speeds slow after you use 100 GB, but that's enough to download 100 hours of SD video on your phone per month.

As for the package deal, AT&T will link you to HBO®, the premium channel. Sure, there is a lot of other great shows and movies to take the stress off.

Sign up for AT&T Unlimited Elite if this is a bundle that you're into.

AT&T Bundle

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Verizon Unlimited 

Verizon has a lot of unlimited plans, each with names like Get Beyond Unlimited, and Above Unlimited that are easily distinguishable.

A wonderful thing about almost any contract for Verizon Unlimited is that you'll get Disney+ included for one year. You can either end your Disney+ subscription after the first year or continue with the standard $6.99 a month price.

And you can save up to $10 per month on your mobile phone bill and $10 per month on your Verizon Fios bill if you also have Verizon's Fios Internet. That's up to 20 dollars in savings, which is pretty darn cool.

Verizon Deals

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Featured Plan

Frontier Provider

Bundles starting from $37.99/mo.

With Frontier, you will be able to more online such as surfing, streaming, shop online, and online games. Fios and Vantage internet plans offer an amazing level of internet speed. You can also bundle FiOS TV, Vantage, and Dish for an ultimate entertainment experience.

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