Dish Network Internet Deals for 2024

Dish Network Internet Deals for [year]

Thu, Dec 14, 2023 7:59 PM

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For a reasonable price, DISH Network's satellite TV packages include a wide range of sports, premium movie channels, and family favorites.

With the DISH Hopper, you'll get one of the best DVRs in the industry, as well as a variety of channel lineup choices for you and your friends, as well as the opportunity to sign a contract for lower pricing.

If you're just searching for the sweet spot between sports and entertainment, we suggest DISH's America's Top 200. (which, of course, you are).


You'll get straight-up pricing (looking at you, DIRECTV)
There's lots of sports coverage with DISH
DISH has Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility


DISH doesn't have HBO channels
DISH doesn't have an NFL SUNDAY TICKET as DIRECTV does


We should all accept that price increases are easily among the top five most inconvenient aspects of television subscriptions.

Price increases aren't an issue with DISH. Oh, my goodness.

Unlike other satellite providers (cough DIRECTV), DISH will charge you the same monthly price during your contract (or no contract). As a result, you'll save money over time.

How much are DISH TV's packages?

America's Top 120

Price $64.99/mo.*
Channel Count 190

America's Top 120+

Price $79.99/mo.†v
Channel Count 190+

America's Top 200

Price $89.99/mo.‡
Channel Count 240+

America's Top 250

Price $99.99/mo.^
Channel Count 290+

Dish Network Plans

You can rest easy knowing that every DISH kit includes all of your favorite local channels (ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC), as well as ESPN, Disney Channel, HGTV, and Food Network. Don't you feel better knowing that even the most simple channel kit would provide you with your First Take, Flip or Flop, and Chopped fix? We are in a better mood.

Does it have a contract?

To get the best deal with DISH, you'll need to sign up for a contract, as with most TV providers.

Signing a two-year deal would save you $10–15 per month, or $240–$360 over the course of the contract. Huge sums of money!

DISH does offer the option of living without a contract, allowing you to cancel your service at any time. If you don't want to make a long-term commitment, you'll just have to spend an extra $10–$15 per month.


For up to six spaces, DISH's installation team can mount your satellite dish and set up your DVR device free of charge. It's really cool.

If you want to get out of your contract early, read our article about how to escape cancellation fees.

Installation fee: Free
Equipment fee: Hopper Duo included (125-hour DVR), $15.00/mo. for Hopper 3 (500-hour DVR)
4K Joey DVR equipment fee (additional DVRs): $5.00/mo.
Late payments: $7.00 fee
Early termination fee: $20.00 for every month left on your contract

Is DIRECTV cheaper than DISH?

Since DIRECTV has second-year price hikes (gasp! ), DISH gives you more bang for your buck.

When comparing DIRECTV's CHOICE bundle to DISH's America's Top 120 plan, both of which have around 190 channels, DIRECTV is $5 per month more expensive (for year one). The DIRECTV Option $70 per month plan increases to about $115 per month in the second year of operation (depending on when you purchase the service, so we recommend reading the package information on DIRECTV's site).

However, if you enjoy watching television and want access to more than 330 channels, DIRECTV is the service for you.

Which package should you get?

If you don't know what kind of TV viewer you are, this is the place to find out.

Perhaps you simply choose the most popular outlets. Professional and college sports channels may be needed. Or maybe you want the most channels because you enjoy all genres and don't want to be limited.

- America’s Top 120: This is perfect for families who want a variety of popular channels everyone in the house will enjoy. You’ll find channels such as CNN, Disney Channel, HGTV, Food Network, and Lifetime.

- America’s Top 120+: If you want more sports channels, this package will give you NFL Network, PAC-12 Network, and the SEC Network. If you’re an avid sports fan, it’ll be worth the extra $15 per month.

- America’s Top 200: America’s Top 120+ makes you look like a cute sports fan, but if you’re a huge sports fan, you need this package. On top of the three sports channels mentioned above, you’ll get CBS Sports Network, Golf Channel, MLB Network, NBA TV, NHL Network, and the Tennis Channel.

- America’s Top 250: Alright, movie lovers. Here’s your package. Have a movie night with FX Movie Channel, MoviePlex, EPIX Drive-In, STARZ Encore, STARZ Encore Action, STARZ Encore Family, and The Movie Channel.

DISH’s bundles

Bundle your TV and internet to save money and pay one bill.

DISH does not offer internet service directly, but it will connect you to one of two internet providers and three separate options that are available in the United States.

The following internet services are available to you: broadband/wired, cable, and satellite. If you're interested in learning more, read our Frontier and Viasat reviews.

If you need help deciding which package to get, America's Top 200 and Frontier FiberOptic is our recommendation for most families.

You'll have the widest selection of channels to keep the whole family entertained, as well as quick download speeds for uninterrupted streaming and a reliable work-from-home internet link.

Does DISH offer internet plans?


Up to 45 Mbps    

Frontier FiberOptic    

Up to 940 Mbps    
Fiber optic

In terms of college sports programming, DISH takes the lead.

DISH currently has the most college sports coverage. The ACCN, SEC, Pac-12, Longhorn, and Big Ten Networks are all broadcast on it. Scroll a little further down if you want to know which sports channels you'll be receiving.

However, double-check the DISH channel lineup to ensure that the bundle you're considering includes all of your favorite channels. Regardless of whether you're a sport, lifestyle, reality, or general entertainment fan, DISH should have everything you need.

Premium Channels

Let's face it, DISH's premium channel lineup is just as good as the Lakers when LeBron James isn't playing. To put it another way, it's not very good. There are no HBO or CINEMAX channels.

You won't be able to watch Westworld or Succession on DISH, but HBO does have its own standalone channel.

It would be convenient to have all of your premium channels in one location. For the first three months, DISH offers all of its premium channels for free.

But don't forget to cancel your subscription until you're paid when your three months are up.



Starz Encore    


DISH Movie Pack    

DISH package is best for sports

DISH seems to have a lot of sports channels, and the first two packages have a good number of them. However, if you're a big sports fan who just wants satellite TV for its sports channels, get America's Top 200.

You won't get any more sports channels with America's Top 250, but if you want all of the extra movie channels for all of your entertainment, it's worth it. 

America’s Top 120 package includes the following sports channels:

NBC Sports Network

America’s Top 120+ package includes the following sports channels:

ACC Network (ACCN)
Big Ten Network
FS1, FS2
Longhorn Network
NBC Sports Network
NFL Network
PAC-12 Network
SEC Network
Tennis Channel

America’s Top 200 and 250 package includes the following sports channels:

Big Ten Network
CBS Sports Network
FS1, FS2
Golf Channel
Longhorn Network
MLB Network
NBC Sports Network
NFL Network
NHL Network
PAC-12 Network
SEC Network
Tennis Channel
TUDNxtra 1–11
Zona Fútbol

DISH offers a Multi-Sports Pack for $13 per month if you want even more sports channels. MLB Network Strike Zone, NFL RedZone, ESPN Goal Line, and ESPN Buzzer Beater are among the channels available.

For the regular season, DISH also provides MLB Extra Innings, which streams all MLB games live to your TV.

DISH has on-demand content

The days of searching the TV guide for the next episode of Survivor are long gone. You don't have to plan your schedule around the TV guide because most DISH channels offer plenty of on-demand content, allowing you to catch up on any shows you might have missed.

In a similar way to Netflix, DISH provides on-demand content. You can watch a variety of new movies and TV shows.

DISH has the best DVR

Hopper Duo    
DVR price Included    
Storage hours (HD)    125 hrs.
Simultaneous recordings    - 2
Automatic commercial skipping - Yes

Hopper 3    
Storage hours (HD) - 500 hrs.    
Simultaneous recordings    - 16    
Automatic commercial skipping - Yes

Right now, the Hopper 3 is the finest DVR on the market.

To put those 500 recording hours into perspective, watching all nine seasons of Suits will take 134 hours. Watching The Office from beginning to end will take about 100 hours. Watching all five decades of Saturday Night Live takes 880 hours.

In other words, you'll have plenty of time to record almost anything, and it'll be a long time before you run out of space.

The Hopper 3 has another great feature: it can record 16 items at once. That means there will be no more bickering about whether to record Monday Night Football or The Bachelor.

DISH Anywhere App

The DISH Anywhere app does just as it says: it allows you to watch TV on your phone, tablet, or computer from anywhere you have DISH service.

Let's pretend you're on a family vacation to Disneyland, and your daughter is dying to meet Elsa. The only issue is that there is a three-hour wait. Fortunately, you can pass the time by watching the football game. Sure, you're paying $100 or more to stand in line, but at the very least, you're watching good television.

You can also watch captured content offline with the DISH Anywhere app. There's no need to be concerned with data use or watching when in airplane mode. Just make sure to use Wi-Fi to download your stored content before venturing out into the world.


DISH has earned the title of best satellite TV provider for a reason.

DISH is normally the less expensive of the two main satellite TV providers over the course of a two-year contract. DISH also has the best DVR in town and has more college sports coverage than DIRECTV.

If you prefer satellite to cable television, DISH is a good choice.

For the best DISH experience, we recommend America's Top 200 kit, which gives you access to a variety of sports.

You can miss out on premium channels like HBO, but DISH offers the necessary channels at a reasonable price.

DISH Network TV plans and pricing recap

America’s Top 120: $64.99/month* for 190 channels
America’s Top 120+: $79.99/month* for 190+ channels
America’s Top 200: $89.99/month* for 240+ channels
America’s Top 250: $99.99/month* for 290+ channels

Featured Plan

Frontier Provider

Bundles starting from $37.99/mo.

With Frontier, you will be able to more online such as surfing, streaming, shop online, and online games. Fios and Vantage internet plans offer an amazing level of internet speed. You can also bundle FiOS TV, Vantage, and Dish for an ultimate entertainment experience.

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