How to Change your IP Address?

How to Change your IP Address?

Tue, Dec 22, 2020 7:26 PM

If your IP address needs to be spoofed, there are a few ways to do so. Here are the steps to change IP Addresses on Windows, iPhone, and Android.




Change the IP address of  your iPhone 


The IP address on a mobile device such as an Apple iPhone can also be changed as follows: 


  1. Go to the Setting App and choose Wi-Fi

  2. Next to the network, tap Small (i) and choose to Configure IP

  3. Choose a Manual Setting. Manually enter the details of the network, such as your IP address and DNS information.


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How to Change your IP Address?


Change IP Address of a Windows Computer 


However, if your Windows machine has set up a static IP address, here's what you  need to do; 

  1. Go to  Control Panel and choose "Network and Sharing Center". If you can't see it, choose Network and Internet first. 

  2. Select Change Adapter Settings

  3. Double-click the connection on which you want the IP address to be changed.  For eg, double-click that Wi-Fi to change the wireless adapter's IP address. 

  4. Choose Properties. 

  5. Double-click Version 4 Internet Protocol (TCP/IPv4)

  6. To make the router manage the IP address, either change the IP address or pick Get an IP address automatically. 

  7. If you exit the settings to automatically receive an IP address, the device is automatically assigned an IP address by the router. However, the computer's IP address stays static when you enter the IP address information.


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Changing IP Address of  Android 


Changing the IP of an Android device to a static IP on your network is also possible. 


  1. Go and select   the Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi

  2. Press the network for which you want the IP address to be changed. 

  3. Choose "Forget

  4. From a list of Wi-Fi networks available, tap the network. 

  5. Select Advanced Options

  6. Press DHCP

  7. Select Static 

  8. Scroll down the IP address fields and fill them out. 

  9. At the top of the page, enter the Wi-Fi password. 




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