How to Watch the 2024 MLB Season

How to Watch the  [year] MLB Season

Thu, Dec 14, 2023 7:43 PM



The Houston Astros, a powerhouse in the MLB, will face the Philadelphia Phillies, a young team that wouldn't have even made it to the wild card round if not for this year's enlarged playoffs.


Major League Baseball has acknowledged this waning popularity and made various modifications to the game in an effort to make the product out on the field more entertaining. Sure, baseball might not be at the zenith of its popularity any longer, but we still consider it to be "America's Pastime." Whatever your position on these improvements, there's no denying that they seem to be having an impact and increasing engagement.


This postseason has been exceptionally thrilling to watch thanks to the MLB playoffs' expansion, and the Fall Classic should be no exception. It's never too early to start planning for the upcoming season, even if we're undoubtedly interested in seeing if the Astros can win their second championship in as many seasons or if the Phillies can upset the league favorite. Continue reading to learn the best options for you, whether you're just looking for a better way to watch your favorite MLB team or you want to watch as many games as you can to make sure you never miss a moment.


All channels that broadcast MLB games


  • FOX  

  • FS1

  • ESPN

  • TBS    

  • MLB Network

  • MLB Network Strike Zone

  • Regional sports networks (RSN)



A total of 2,430 games, or 162 regular season games per side, are played over the period of about six months. By far, this major sport has the most games, so if you want to watch as many as you can, you'll need access to both in-market and out-of-market viewing options. Consider acquiring out-of-market coverage if you live far from the stadium where your favorite team plays so you can watch more of their games.




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Out-of-market versus in-market


We want to make sure you understand the distinction between in-market and out-of-market game coverage before we go over all your alternatives. When you turn on the TV, you'll watch a Mets or Yankees game if you reside in New York because in-market broadcasts are specific to your geographic region. The Dodgers, Angels, A's, Giants, Padres, and Diamondbacks are some nearby teams, thus if you're a fan of either of these teams and live on the west coast, you'd be deemed out-of-market. Only if they were playing one of these nearby clubs could you watch your Mets or Yankees in action.



What does all of this mean for you and the way you watch baseball, then? So, in order to regularly see your favorite team play on TV if you don't live close to them, you'll need to get out-of-market game coverage. You should also purchase out-of-market coverage if all you want to do is watch as much MLB activity as you can.



Regional sports networks and MLB Network provide in-market coverage



Local games are televised on regional sports networks, as you can presumably infer from the name. With certain cities, like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, having one network for the numerous clubs that call those places home, each MLB team has its own RSN. If you live in-market, the best way to watch your favorite team play regularly is to purchase a cable package that includes your regional sports network. Additionally, because the reporters, commentators, and other TV personalities only cover your team, you'll probably learn a lot more about the players, coaches, and organization.



Additionally, MLB Network serves as a regional sports network, frequently airing live local in-market matches. The network also airs a range of original baseball-related programming as well as MLB coverage. The most well-known instance of the network's original content is the program MLB Tonight. You must pay your cable provider to access the MLB Network, just like RSN.




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FOX, FS1, ESPN, TBS, and MLB Network Strike Zone provide out-of-market coverage



It's not surprising that you'll need a number of different networks to view the majority of out-of-market games given the more than 2,000 regular-season games, the postseason, the All-Star game, and the home run derby. During the regular season, MLB games are frequently shown on ESPN and FOX, and FOX holds the exclusive rights to the World Series.  



Both the All-Star Game and the home run derby are only shown on ESPN. With its Sunday Night Baseball program, which is similar to its Monday Night Football broadcasts, ESPN also broadcasts primetime games on Sundays. Tuesday night primetime games are only available on TBS, as are two Division Series and one League's Championship Series.



NFL RedZone is remarkably similar to MLB Network Strike Zone, which is a distinct channel from MLB Network. Strike Zone offers continuous coverage of many games going on at once, giving viewers updates and highlights of the most important moments without any commercial breaks. Only the regular season is broadcast.




Key MLB events


  • Season start: March 30th,  2024

  • All-Star Game: July 11th,  2024

  • Little League Classic: August 20th,  2024



You'll probably need to add a few extra channels to your cable subscription if you're serious about watching as much baseball as you can during the  2024 MLB season or just want to watch more of your favorite team's games. In order to obtain what you want at a fantastic price, we are here to help you put together the ideal package and we'll assist you in weighing all your possibilities. Simply schedule your installation after weighing your options on our website and contacting us with any inquiries you might have.



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