Is Xfinity NOW TV Worth Getting?

Is Xfinity NOW TV Worth Getting?

Wed, Jan 10, 2024 3:21 PM


Xfinity has put together a streaming bundle priced per channel, which seems decent at first glance. However, we advise caution when considering NOW TV due to its limitations and requirements. Additionally, Comcast Xfinity has a questionable track record in terms of trustworthiness. Before subscribing to NOW TV, it’s advisable to explore other options and alternatives.


Current Trends in the Streaming Industry

In the first quarter of 2023, Xfinity, the consumer brand of Comcast, experienced a significant loss of nearly 7,000 video subscribers per day. This decline can be attributed, in part, to consumer dissatisfaction with the $28 monthly broadcast TV fees. Savvy cord cutters have discovered that they can access these channels for free in HD using an antenna. Moreover, consumers are reluctant to subsidize sports channels they don’t watch and incur additional fees like “Regional Sports Fees” and charges for HD and DVR services.

Cord cutters have not stopped enjoying their favorite sports, news, and shows but have shifted to more affordable streaming services and antennas. Free TV service apps like Pluto, Tubi, and Crackle are popular for accessing shows and movies, while some have opted for antennas and budget-friendly subscriptions like Sling for cable channels such as ESPN, FOX News, MSNBC, CNN, etc.

Considering these evolving trends, it’s not surprising that Comcast Xfinity has introduced NOW TV to compete in the crowded streaming services market.


NOW TV Overview

At first glance, NOW TV appears to offer a good deal, with over 40 channels for $20 per month. The service includes a variety of lifestyle channels, and Xfinity customers may benefit from a complimentary subscription to Peacock Premium (a $5/mo. value). However, caution is warranted, as Comcast tends to increase prices annually and has a history of aggressive upselling and challenging cancellation processes. The addition of an Xfinity Flex box, even if labeled “free,” is discouraged. Moreover, NOW TV is exclusively available to Xfinity customers.


NOW TV Channel List

NOW TV is comparable to services like Sling, Philo, and Frndly. While it offers a competitive price for lifestyle channels, its channel lineup is limited compared to alternatives. It does not include popular live local channels like ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, or PBS, and key channels such as CW, ESPN, Fox News, CNN, or MSNBC. Depending on your channel preferences, alternatives like Frndly, Philo, or Sling, paired with an antenna for local channels, are often recommended.


Hardware Requirements

NOW TV currently does not work on Roku or Apple TV, and it lacks a dedicated app for Smart TVs. It is compatible with the Xfinity Flex Box (not recommended) and Amazon Fire TV Sticks. While it can be cast to a Chromecast device, Chromecasts are not recommended due to their finicky nature.



If the NOW TV channel lineup aligns with your preferences, it may be worth trying, especially as the least expensive option for channels like Hallmark, History, Food Network, AMC, and HGTV. However, anticipate potential price increases within a year. To sign up, you must be a Comcast (Xfinity) internet customer.


Key Warnings

  • Comcast Xfinity has received 1-star reviews for past bait-and-switch pricing and poor customer service.
  • Canceling Comcast services is not easy.
  • Expect high-pressure sales tactics.
  • The introductory price for NOW TV is likely to increase.
  • Renting Flex Boxes from Comcast is discouraged; an Amazon Fire TV Stick offers similar functionality and more.
  • Setting up a separate Peacock account may be required

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