The Benefits of Managed Wi-Fi

The Benefits of Managed Wi-Fi

Mon, Feb 28, 2022 8:26 PM

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Many communities are looking for managed WiFi capabilities in their telecommunications service provider. What is the reason for this? Because this technology allows residents and visitors to use WiFi from anywhere in the neighborhood, including their homes and communal places.

Traditional WiFi, unlike Managed WiFi, relies on several access points (also known as routers) to establish a connection and allow users to access the internet. These access points (typically in each individual home or in shared spaces such as a clubhouse) are unconnected and consequently unmanaged. People's devices continue connected to the degraded access point as they travel away until the signal is completely lost.

The connected device will only try to connect to a closer access point after that. Because only a limited quantity of signal is received, the device will remain connected to the prior access point once it connects. In the end, this procedure results in shaky connections, service interruptions, and delayed loading times. Does this ring a bell?


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Managed WiFi, on the other hand, is the polar opposite! When people in large buildings or communities desire a good connection in amenity areas, a managed Wifi system is set up to shift access points as soon as it reads one closer, and these access points are scattered around entire communities, which is tremendously advantageous. It's no surprise that communities opt for a managed WiFi provider to give the finest experience for residents and guests,

as well as to keep the community competitive with other communities on the market!

Additional benefits to look for in a managed WiFi system, both for an association and for a homeowner, are listed below:


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The Benefits of Managed Wi-Fi




  • Access for visitors

Make temporary passwords for babysitters and weekend visitors with various rights.


  • AI Protection

Advanced cybersecurity measures such as ad-blocking and quarantining infected devices provide protection.


  • Complete control via an app

Whether at home or on the go, a person can have a complete awareness of their surroundings.


  • WiFi that adapts to your needs

Send stronger signals to rooms with higher WiFi usage. When downloading huge files, you can get temporary boosts.


  • Parental Rights and Responsibilities

Restrict access to certain websites, disable WiFi for specific devices (or at specific times), and more.


Learn how smarter, Whole Home Managed WiFi may improve your community's quality of life.

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