NFL Monday Night Football Schedule: How to Watch

NFL Monday Night Football Schedule: How to Watch

Thu, Dec 22, 2022 11:44 PM


Monday Night Football on ESPN began this past September with the Baltimore Ravens traveling west to face the Las Vegas Raiders, and what happened in Vegas was not kept a secret in this case.

Because ESPN is available on almost every TV provider, we're here to offer you the lowdown on the best cable, satellite, and live TV streaming alternatives so you don't miss a single tackle or touchdown.

Based on pricing and availability, these are  top selections for watching more than four months of Monday Night Football games.


Best ways to watch Monday Night Football

Cable—Spectrum ($49.99/mo. for 12 mos.)
Satellite—DISH ($69.99–$104.99/mo.)
Live TV streaming—Sling TV ($35.00–$50.00/mo.)


Channel for Monday Night Football

Monday Night Football is only shown on one channel: ESPN

According to recent reports, ESPN will continue to broadcast Monday Night Football until 2033. To put it another way, get dressed and relax in.

While ESPN has a number of sibling channels, such as ESPN+ and ESPN2, regular ESPN is all you need to watch Monday Night Football. However, certain games will be broadcast simultaneously on ABC and ESPN+.

We believe that having only one channel to watch the weekly grassland showdown is a terrific approach to focus on cost—you may choose a provider with a bundle that isn't too expensive.

When it comes to cable TV and Monday Night Football, Spectrum's TV Select bundle includes ESPN for all of the season's games as well as ESPN2 for more sportsball viewing.

CBS, Fox, and NBC are also available on Spectrum TV Select, however the NFL Network is not. So, if you want more NFL coverage, Spectrum's Sports View add-on is a good choice.

However, Spectrum TV Select will also provide you with a varied selection of other sports channels, like Fox Sports 1, NBC Sports Network, ACCN, and MOTOR TREND.

This lower-cost plan will also appeal to a family with children. There are also Animal Planet, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, and Nickelodeon in the schedule.

When comparing Spectrum to competing cable TV providers such as Xfinity and Cox, you'll notice that Spectrum is less expensive but offers fewer channels. Nonetheless, the channels Spectrum provides are of high quality, so we recommend opting for the lower-cost option.

DISH is, without a doubt, our favorite television service. It consistently outperforms its direct competitor DIRECTV in terms of price.

DISH offers a variety of channel packages, including America's Top 120 includes not just the ESPN you need for Monday Night Football, but also additional ESPN channels and the NBC Sports Network.

DISH's add-ons aren't too painful either. The Multi-Sport Pack is $13 per month and includes over 10 additional sports channels. MLB Network, beIN Sports, beIN Sports Espanol, NBA TV, and NHL Network are among the channels available.

The DISH Hopper 3 gets a lot of attention around here, and for good reason. This 16-channel DVR costs an extra $15 per month, but it lets you to record numerous shows at once and keeps up to 2,000 hours of (SD) television. Do you have a vision for your library? Yes, we are!

If you don't need all that storage space for NFL games, most DISH bundles include a smaller-sized DVR alternative called the Hopper Duo.


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Sling TV is the best streaming service for Monday Night Football

Sling TV offers three packages: Sling Blue, Sling Orange, and Sling Orange & Blue, although Sling Orange and Sling Orange & Blue are the only ones that include ESPN.

Sling Blue doesn't have ESPN, but for an extra $15 per month ($50 per month total), you can purchase Sling Orange & Blue, which includes all of the Sling Blue channels.

If you get both bundles, you'll have access to more football-related programming on NFL Network, NBC Sports Network, and Fox Sports 1.

Sports Extra, which includes NBA TV, ESPNEWS, ESPNU, and the MLB Network, is one of Sling TV's add-ons. The best part about it? It just costs $11 each month.

Another advantage is that all bundles include with 50 DVR hours, ensuring that you never miss a game.

If you cancel your Sling TV subscription, you won't have to watch for penalties during all those Monday night games. Fortunately, there is no contract with Sling TV, so you can cancel at any time.

Basically, the pricing of Sling TV—and all of its colorful options—is where it shines. It's a lot less expensive than most cable and live TV streaming packages (i.e. fuboTV, Hulu Live, and YouTube TV). However, it has many fewer channels and does not stream NFL games in high definition, so keep that in mind.


How to Get Free Monday Night Football

There is currently no legal way to watch Monday Night Football for free on a regular basis. However, certain games will be broadcast on ABC this season, which you can catch for free with an HD antenna.

To save money, you may team up with a friend and acquire a TV bundle with several streams, such as Sling Orange & Blue.

Final thoughts

Sign up for Sling TV if you're a football lover who wants to save money and doesn't want to pay for a cable TV bundle; it's reasonable and, with no contract, not extremely hazardous.

Spectrum TV Select is an excellent choice for a sports-obsessed family with children that watch TV. It has a good mix of sports and entertainment, as well as family-friendly networks including Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, and Nickelodeon.

DISH Network is a satellite company that offers competitive rates and a diverse channel lineup. You'll get your Monday Night Football fix while also getting access to a slew of additional HD TV channels.

Featured Plan

Cox Provider

Bundles starting from $49.99/mo.

Cox is the third-largest cable provider in the nation. The company offers download speed up to 300 Mbps, the business offers Contour TV with over 220 channels and discount for low-income families.

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