Best Devices to Stream YouTube TV

Best Devices to Stream YouTube TV

Tue, Jan 11, 2022 5:52 PM

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It can be difficult to determine which YouTube TV-enabled device to use because there are so many to choose from. The ideal device for streaming YouTube TV is determined by the reason for your use of the service and the features that are most essential to you. However, you should examine the screen size, streaming quality, and price in general.


For streaming YouTube TV on a budget: Roku Express

Best Devices to Stream YouTube TV

The Roku Express is a low-cost option if you need a reliable yet cost-effective way to stream YouTube TV. Despite its low price, this gadget nevertheless delivers smooth high-definition (HD) streaming. As a result, YouTube TV provides high-quality live TV feeds as well as a seamless user interface that will enhance your watching experience.

The Roku Express has a slim and lightweight design that allows it to be carried about and does not look bulky against your TV. When you use YouTube TV on Roku Express, one of the best features is that you may rearrange your home screen to prioritize your favorite apps and improve your surfing experience. As a result, you can make your home screen stand out by highlighting YouTube TV for simple access. Learn more: Roku: How to Access Your Favorite Channels?


YouTube TV option for Amazon members: Amazon Fire Stick 4K

Amazon Fire Stick 4K

You can get YouTube TV on Amazon Fire Stick 4K if you already have other services like Amazon Prime, and after years of squabbling, Google and Amazon have finally reached a deal, so you can now use your Fire device to watch YouTube TV material as well.

The Fire Stick 4K comes with exceptional features, including 4K streaming and Dolby Vision, to access high-quality streams of live TV programming on YouTube TV, making it a great way to manage all of your subscriptions in one place, especially at a low price of $49.99, which is reasonable considering the high-end features.

While YouTube TV does not offer 4K material, owning a device that can do so will come in useful for watching 4K videos on Prime for the time being. Plus, using Dolby Vision on compatible TVs, YouTube TV for Fire Stick 4K still provides excellent picture quality with rich and bright colors. This can give you a better streaming experience on YouTube TV, allowing you to watch live sports and news programs, as well as movies and series on demand.


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For streaming YouTube TV on the go: Apple iPad Air


Travelers and others who are usually on the run may require a solution to access YouTube TV while on the go. This necessitates portability without sacrificing display quality. With a 10.5-inch Retina display that's tiny enough to carry around but still delivers vivid and true-to-life visual quality, the Apple iPad Air is ideal.

With its anti-reflective coating, high brightness, and True Tone display, it provides a great viewing experience no matter where you travel. This will cost you roughly $499, which is a little on the costly side but depending on how you use it, it may be well worth the money.


For YouTube TV on game days: Roku Ultra LT

Roku Ultra LT

To watch high-intensity live sports on YouTube TV, you'll want to make sure you never have any connectivity troubles. Because the Roku Ultra LT has built-in Ethernet capability, it makes perfect sense to stream YouTube TV on game days. To watch live games on your YouTube TV Roku app instead of relying on a wireless connection, simply plug the device into your router and enjoy more stable access.

This device costs $79.99, which is a little on the expensive end but not a lot considering the luxury features it comes with.


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Our hot take


The Roku Ultra LT may be the greatest streaming device for YouTube TV in terms of price and capability, but you can still go for a lower-priced choice if features like an Ethernet connector and 4K HDR streaming aren't important to you.

While YouTube TV does not provide device bundles, it does frequently offer extended trial periods, allowing you to stream it for two weeks or even longer. Those opportunities to get more out of your YouTube TV subscription may be worth waiting for.

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